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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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All right guys, we gave the head's up in the Mid-Month announcement, it's time to share with everyone the full details regarding the event. Just a reminder that it won't start until Sunday, June 25 so this is basically so everyone can start plotting. This is also the last opportunity for those who signed-up to go down and help with the Elios ritual to change their minds.








And that should be it. Again, questions and concerns can be directed here. Feel free to use this post for plotting purposes, especially for those who are turning into "Love Walkers."
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Hello everyone!

Jax here! So, as stated in the joint post between Red and Usagi, something is rotten in the state of Denmark Philea. So what does that mean?

Well, it’s time for a special mission!

Red, Usagi, and a group of 10 others are going to be going back to Philea where Elios is hiding out to try and break him out of this slump and deal with the encroaching ice. The main point is to try and talk to Elios to convince him and to also deal with the ice. HOWEVER: Regardless of the success or failure of the mission, this is not going to be the end-all-be-all for Elios, this is more of a player-run attempt to make headway with his plot. Regardless of the result of this mission, we have been informed that whatever happens will affect the direction of the rest of the plot and that everyone will have the opportunity to be involved with later events.

The Quick Facts of the plot )
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Howdy y'all. So I was eyeing some of the Enforcers tasks (particularly gt0505 and st0505) going on this month and was wondering if there was anyone interested in getting a plot going.

For those interested feel free to comment here and let me know. I also have a plurk, though I rarely if ever, use it, for those who are more interested in planning things out there.
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Alright! March is upon us and it's time to get most of this plot on the road...!

Most plot-related things can be found in this spreadsheet. A link to the investigation log can be found here, and a link to the trial log can be found over here.

This OOC post is mostly to answer any questions that have not been covered in the course of plotting this out. Feel free to use this as needed, in any case!
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Hello, Empatheias! I hope everyone has started the year wonderfully, and a big welcome to all the newbies!

I'm writing this little post to talk about task ST0109: a group of animals (bears, sylvan geese and reebos, which are moss creatures) are on the loose and the Wildlife Society wants help finding them a home. I've noticed quite a few people are interested in this job, so I wanted to know if anyone wanted to make any plans for specific situations, and if you would like the idea of putting up a general open log for it!

This would be for both a) the ones accepting the task and working for the WLS this month, and b) anyone who may be coming across these creatures and need help (the reebos are hiding in the corners of your house, for example). Also, Bianca will be paying a couple of extra sylvs for the reebos to be taken to her place (this has already been spoken about with the mods and the WLS will still give you the usual pay for it! you'd just be relocating the little ones to a house instead of the wild, no difference).

Tldr: who wants to punch a bear, let's chat.

By the way, nobody is too new for this, please don't hesitate to jump in ! The task board is there all month and this relocating task is open.
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[aka "Pet Plot", "Chisa Plot", "Trial Plot" or whatever else people want to call it]

I know I said I'd post again next month, but I'm going out on a limb and posting now because this plot has evolved! Magnificently so!

Revised Premise )

The Actual Plot )

Roles )

Calendar of Events )

A Request To All PCs )

Questions/Comments/Suggestions )
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Hello everyone! Slip here with an outline + interest check/sign-ups for a player plot that will be threaded out mostly during the month of March! Yes it's another Ace Attorney-style trial whoops


General Premise )

Wanted/Roles )

Questions/Comments/Suggestions )
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Hello! This is Jax, player of the ball of sunshine known as Usagi!

Usagi found out the date when everyone started arriving to Empatheias and she actually had the idea for a game-wide CULTURE FESTIVAL!.

This is how it would work: rather than learning about the culture of Empatheias, characters would get a chance to share their world's cultures. Characters can set up booths sharing food, games, crafts, clothes, and everything else. Even if there are multiple canons from the same country, booths can still be unique! A booth can be anything a player would want. There will be an IC announcement after the weekend by Usagi but I figured getting the planning started now couldn't hurt!

The festival would be a two day festival starting on the 7th to the 8th ICly and would be the 7th-10th OOCly so that new players and characters can participate in it too!

Official events will be:
Fashion show/contest: Strut your culture's stuff! (with prizes for participation as both a model and/or designer)
Music show: Share the music of your culture! (Instruments will be provided on loan)
NEWLY ADDED: Weaponry/Fighting Showcase: Show off what's unique about your culture's magic/weaponry/fighting.
Fireworks: On the 8th during the night as a festival finale

BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST ANY OTHER EVENTS. If you would like your character to run a culture booth there will be a signup as well in the comments. Anyone can participate and run a booth or sign up for the official events!
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Hello again, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the flower festival, because I sure have. But alas, now it is time for happiness to come crashing down. At least for some people.

This is the follow-up and more intensive plotting post for the plot initially mentioned over here! A brief summary: Hux plots and gets Kylo to murder Junko for science, Kylo does his best to get away with it, and then he is foiled by not taking into account the fact that powers that can trace him exist, oops.

Give me the deets! )
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Hey everyone! Terra here.

Last month I put up IC and OOC posts proposing a camping trip once again. I didn't set an actual date last time because I wanted to put up a new post reminding people about them after new people have been accepted to give a reason for anyone who's new who wants to join the ability to do so. This can also serve as a reminder for anyone who missed it last time or wanted to comment but forgot for whatever reason.

Just like the last one, it's going to be pretty short and simple, because the post itself gives a fair amount of details. With the Flower Festival taking place on the 13th-18th (I believe..), the next option was to either do it a weekend before or after it. I decided it may be best to do it the weekend after, so we're looking at the 22nd-24th.

Here's a list of those interested in joining (Last and current post):

AttendingFood PrepProtection Duty
Athena Cykes
Armin Arlert
Kunikida Doppo
Gou Matsuoka
North Dakota
Todomatsu Matsuno
Hizumi Mizushiro
Ayumu Narumi
Emil Castagnier
Yuri Lowell
Elize Lutus

If there is anything your character is willing to do but it is listed as "", let me know and I'll change it. Also the list for those commented IC, but didn't comment to the last OOC:

Attending???Food PrepProtection Duty
Colette Brunel

Anyone interested in joining that hadn't responded to the last OOC post might have to respond to this one because I'm not 100% sure of all of the people who commented in the IC post that decided yes or no. This will just make it a bit easier to be sure who is coming.

Besides the top levels, you are free to make your own for whatever ploting reasons you may need/have.
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Hello everyone. Ryoko here. Unsurprisingly, Kylo Ren has decided it's been far too long since he killed someone—alright no, it's more complicated than that, but there will be a murder that he'll have to suffer some consequences for. What I need is for you guys to help out and make sure he doesn't just get off scot-free!!

Tell me more! )
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 Hey everyone. This is Terra here and I just put up a post concerning camping next month with Elize. I meant to put it up sooner, but later is better than never right?

This will pretty short and sweet, since most of the details are in the post itself. I would like to have some sort of headcount though! I'd love and idea of how many people are interested. I will probably put up a reminder about this for next round that gets accepted into the game and would be interested, since I'm aiming for somewhere around the middle of the month or whichever dates would work best (weekend preferably), but this is subject to change because of events.

Let me know! (Also, feel free to make your own top levels for plotting or whatever else.)
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Hello, beautiful green-haired shrine maiden here-- oh, wait.

Red is assisting this month in the rituals along with Sanae as usual (and anyone else as well who would be happy to volunteer!), and for this month they will be focused on the Arehtei Piphron, Aiada, Sosyne, and Peromei. These rituals are conducted to help send positive emotions to the Arehtei, and Thras, Elios, and Daimonia have graciously stepped aside this month with their health being generally well compared to the others (Sosyne might have a few choice words about such rituals, but what doesn't she have them for?).

Through the rituals, Aiada will receive more feelings of appreciation, more calm will be given to Sosyne, more trust to Piphron, and more hope to Peromei. Think of these "rituals" as a type of intense meditation or study session in which a character focuses on a pleasant memory that involves these emotions, and sends them up into the sky.

more info on rituals )
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Sup guys. This is gonna the last post I'll make about the plot before things go down. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 for people to refer back to for details I've discussed on plot and how the log is gonna be laid out. This one is for people to plot things out and work out how kidnappings and such are gonna play out. It'll be Wrath and/or Pride who will be doing the kidnappings and stealing.

I will be posting the log on Feb 5th forward dated to the Feb 12th-13th ish. So that gives some leeway to get things rolling, since my hiatus will start on the 11th(I will be out of town until the coming Tuesday). There will be a job going up on the task board about the missing people. That is pretty much open to anyone to investigate and will be what the third section in the log is for. I do have China listed as interested in participating in the rescue so if people want to work something out with them, it can be done here.

As a note, if the Envy gets accepted into Empatheias by the time the log goes up, they'll be guarding/stalling for time at the entrance to the missing locals. If they don't, just continue to assume the entrance is unguarded then.

The final listing for the candidates is basically the same as what it was in the last post:
Peromei - Roy Mustang
Elios - Enoch (Kidnapped)
Sosyne - Edward Elric
Piphron - Renne Hayworth (Kidnapped)
Aiada - Shuu Tsukiyama (Kidnapped)
Thras - Hibiki (Kidnapped)
Daimonia - Rose (Kidnapped)

The General Gist of the Rescue
This is going to be a search and rescue scenario, so there won't be any serious fighting happening. Ed will be posting an entry gathering information about where the locals could potentially be located and it can be assume hints were dropped so people can pinpoint the general location where they are. They'll be kept underground, in what appears to be a man-made room somewhere on the east side Lake Niras.

What's happening at the site of the transmutation
The transmutation will be happening underneath the tree in the center of town. There are tunnels left over underneath since it used to be a clock tower and Pride's base of operations has been in a makeshift room using the tunnels. When the transmutation takes place, the ground above the area will shake a little, a small earthquake. Blue electric sparks can be seen around the tree that seem to be seeping out from underground and they'll turn red when the rebound from the transmutation happens. Other than that, there are no serious damage happening around the area.

Any last minute questions you got, toss em my way as well!
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Since I derped and didn't say, "Hey guys, use the Mod Post for plotting!" and not everyone uses Plurk or have everyone friended with each other, have an official plotting post for the upcoming event. For easy reference, the details can be found here.

(This can sort of double as an informal CR meme since the official one won't be until February. At the very least, take this chance to get some more CR or deepen the ones you have!)

Easy copy/pasta: