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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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Hello, everyone! As mentioned in the calendar, we’ll be having part one of the event beginning on the 12th of August. This is a post containing the details for part one; as such, feel free to use this post to plot with anybody else you want involved in your character’s false reality.

The epidemic has spread since the beginning of the island being rooted, however, the issue will only begin to arise on the 12th. Almost any Otherworlder who has even remotely stepped on grass or smelled a flower will begin to dream of a life they could have had. This can be a strange AU you may have for your character, an alternate ending in their canon, or just about any crazy thing you can think of. It’s funny, strange, and easy to shrug at first; but as the days pass, these dreams will become more vivid and almost realistic.

By the 15th, Otherworlders who have these vivid dreams will begin to believe that these are reality and that their actual reality are the false ones. It may break some friendships here and there, and it may cause chaos, but this is their reality… for now. Of course, believing and seeing are two different things. If your character suddenly thinks they can turn water into wine but they have no supernatural abilities at all, well… they’ll have a bit of an identity crisis then, won’t they?

To those who wish to opt out of the event, their memories will not be altered in any way. You can either say that their immune system is stronger than another character’s, or simply, they forget their dreams upon waking up. There can be a lot of reasons IC-ly not being affected by the dreams, such as those mentioned. If you’re unsure of what your IC reason for opting out is, drive it by us and we’ll let you know if it’s game breaking or not!

Around the 17th, some scientists will have found the reason for this epidemic. However, they’re still studying the cure for it. The details for the cure will be up before part two, so watch out!

There will be no log for part 1 of the event. Feel free to make your own posts by the 12th.

For any questions about the event, direct all questions to this post. Thanks for reading!

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Hello, everyone! With the first half of the month over, the events mentioned in the mod announcement are beginning to come to a head. While we will not have an event post for all of the parts of this plot, there will be one later in the month for an exploration segment, and we encourage you to use the details below to make your own posts!

Starting tomorrow, the theft of otherworlder amulets will begin. The means used are deft hands and extremely sticky fingers. If your character is too smart to get pickpocketed by normal means, more tricky methods can be used, but that will be up to you. They are trying to do this with a great deal of subtlety, so they will not steal amulets in an obvious manner.

Most importantly, however, is that the thefts are done simultaneously with an identical replacement of the stolen amulet. At this point, the victims of these thefts will be none the wiser. Unfortunately, these new amulets will slowly begin to pull emotions from the wearer at a much accelerated and intense rate. This is going to cause a few side effects that will build up over days of wearing the fake amulets.

  • Emotion Drainage. Instead of creating emotion drops these amulets will be draining emotions. Where are they going? We don’t quite know yet...But this is a forceful drain, and can be quite exhausting. It doesn’t discriminate between good or bad either however that leads us to the next interesting aspect of these fakes...

  • Twisted Emotions. Good and Negative emotions are both needed for balance, however as a side effect of this forceful push for and draining of emotions from otherworlders, their emotions will become twisted exaggerated forms of themselves. Particularly, positive emotions seem to be effected the most.

    For Example: Love will become Lust, Appreciation will become Overbearing, Joy will be turned into hurtful pranking or selfishness at the cost of others, courage will become recklessness, hope will become unrealistic falling into unfulfillable ideals, calm will become slothful and lazy, while trust will become a dangerous level of gullibleness.

  • Apathy. At the latest stages, when all the emotions have been drained from a victim the amulet will go dim, and the victim will find themselves succumbing to lethargy and apathy. This isn’t sadness, mind, but instead a complete lack of desire or motivation to do anything.

Finally, we'd like to note that the Emotion Tracker submissions for this event is going to be slightly different.

  • Only those affected by the replaced amulets need to fill out this separate survey.
  • Unaffected individuals can still use the general Emotion Tracker for submissions related to the event.
  • The separate tracker MUST be used by the affected because these emotions will not count toward the general tracker. This is for plot purposes.

Of course if you accidentally submit to the wrong place it won't be the end of the world, but another note is that the event tracker will readily allow extreme numbers due to the forced exaggeration of emotions.. So a long strong of 10s, assuming it still fits with what would happen in game, will be acceptable on the event tracker ONLY.


It’s going to become clear just how many people have been affected by this draining of emotions, and a call to replace the crystals in the amulets will be raised around the 22nd. Why replace instead of find? Well, there’s no real trace of the thieves OR the stolen amulets by the time things have been figured out. Where could they have gone? For now, the question will remain unanswered, and an adventure will begin to find a new source of crystals for the amulets, since by now the usual source has been completely depleted due to thefts earlier in the month. Because the low number of available and working airships, those looking for a new source will be unable to be very picky. Which means once a suitable island with enough crystal caverns is found, fighting for it won’t be such an unheard of option. Which is probably good, because any wild island found is bound to have a few treacherous obstacles to get through.

As mentioned before, we will put up a log for the adventure on the 22nd, with prompts included for the third phase of the plot! Signing up for an amulet theft using the form below can also be used to plot with others for this phase of the plot.


REMINDER! Important Amulet Theft Notes:
  • Remember, amulet theft is optional. Your characters amulet will only be stolen if you decide to opt in to this part of the plot.
  • Failed amulet thefts are possible, though considering the raised crime rate, it might not really seen as extraordinary, considering the current crime climate.
  • Those who have their amulets stolen will not get their original amulets back, period. This means that once they’re given the opportunity to, they will have to start filling a new crystal from the beginning, no matter the state of their previous amulet. This will happen by the end of the event, should all things go according to plan.
  • The emotion draining will not cause the death of any characters who have their amulets stolen. They will suffer the emotional effects mentioned above, with the option of apathy but no death.
  • Affected individuals must use the separate survey for Emotion Tracker submissions.

May 15th through May 21st - Amulet thefts begin on the fifteenth and continue through the 21st. The effects take roughly two days to get to the more obvious stages.
May 22nd through May 27th - The adventure to find a new source of crystals begins on the 22nd, with the arrival on the island happening on the 24th. Crystals will be obtained by the 27th, ready for shipment back to Verens where they will be given to the affected first.

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For its third year, we're going to do something different for Selenium. Instead of it being in the city, Theasthai is hosting the festivities. While most of the traditions are the same, the also have their own flair to it. And for those who were expecting previous iterations, fear not! While different, we've managed to keep the essence of previous events while giving it an interesting twist.







And that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. You are free to use this post for plotting.
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All right guys, we have three types of trackers for this event, but don't worry—they are not too complicated.






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Huzzah, everyone has completed the fetch quest and have gathered enough emotion shards for everyone on the island to freely travel to Daimonia's city, Theasthai. This is the second portion of the event, and it's just one big party.

This will end on Tuesday, October 18th with the finale posted the following Wednesday. The IC:OOC time ratio is 1:1, so it's a 5 day long party. Because it's so long and since teleporters will be active, anyone can just stop by for the day and then return home with no issue.






And that should be everything. Mid-Month will go up closer toward the event finale with details as to how the future of Theastai will be handled as well as some other notices. If you have any questions, post them here.
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Howdy ho everyone, and as you can from the logs just posted on [community profile] empatheias, our mysterious prelude to the mysterious event have arrived. In a hot air balloon, no less! And here are all the details you need.








And that's everything. If you have any questions, post them here. You may use this post for plotting things out or organizing groups.
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This is the emotion tracker designated for the Piphron event. As we mentioned in the mod announcement, the emotions here will affect the outcome of the event.

For a good ending, not only must there be more positive emotions, but there must also be more trust then distrust. For a bad ending to occur, the opposite will be true. A neutral ending will be a mix, although there still needs to be more of a slant toward trust.

The event is set to run through Sunday, August 28, but we are going to set two deadlines for tallies. The first deadline is more like a "mid check" to ensure that we'll at least have a good amount before the end of the event and can start gauging how things are trending. The second deadline is the final one. Only those that submit prior to the deadline will be counted and considered for how the event will end.

First Deadline: Tuesday, August 23. Results will be posted the following day.
Second Deadline: Saturday, August 27.

When commenting, do not edit your comments to add in new ones. It's harder for us to track and properly update. Instead, reply to your original comment if you have any new additions to be made. This includes adding more emotion points toward an already posted thread.

Use the following form to comment to this entry:

Any questions go here.
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This is the emotion tracker designated for the Light of Helisium Event. Unlike previous events, there's no specific emotion that is being focused here, so this is really just to make organization on the official Emotion Tracker easier.

Use the following form to comment to this entry:

The emotion can either be threaded or handwaved. There is a field for you to indicate which it is. Any questions go here.
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Due to the results of the poll placed yesterday, we will be extending the event to until Wednesday, April 20. Remember, that this is only the OOC date of things. Finale will go up on the 20th, but ICly it will have taken place on the 17th.

Let's hope things resolve between Dreamwidth and the various email providers to get email notifications back on track again! For those who aren't aware, the DW journal inbox has no delays, so use those if you haven't already!

Because of the delay, the Mid-Month Announcement won't go up until afterward so that we can cover everything in one place.
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That is the question.

But first, while I have everyone's attention, results for Flower King and Queen have been posted! The thread can be found here.

With email notifications being delayed, but slowly resolving itself, we have been considering whether an extension to the event would help players or if it would be too long/unnecessary. So we're throwing a poll to ask you guys what you think! (You can read about the notification issue here.)

This is a flash poll, so we need everyone to vote in their opinion by mid-afternoon tomorrow!

Poll #17435 Event Extension
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 48

Should we extend the event?

47 (97.9%)

1 (2.1%)

How many days? (Original end date: 4/18; check all preferences)

0 days (4/18)
2 (4.2%)

1 day (4/19)
18 (37.5%)

2 days (4/20)
35 (72.9%)

We know people will be backtagging regardless, but part of the reason for the extension is to give people more time to submit to the tracker and just let players not feel as stressed about threads.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this post.

(If you briefly saw another post that looked almost exactly like this, I had left out the 0 days option on the poll so I went back to redo. Sorry for any confusion!)
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This is the designated OOC post for players to comment to both for the emotion tracker as well as to keep up with their flowers. As a reminder, special flowers are given out to everyone who attends the festival. As they experience emotions, the flowers will bloom. If it's mostly positive, they will become more colorful. If it's mostly negative, they will become black.

There are two separate subthreads. One is strictly for emotions and the other is for players to comment to indicate if a flower bloomed or not. As a reminder, characters can have more than one flower completed, but no more than two. On average, most will only be able to fill one flower, so please be reasonable. Note on apathy: rather than make the flower bloom, it will actually cause the flower to slowly deteriorate until it just becomes a husk. For our purposes, such flowers do count.

If 50 flowers are completed, then there will be a special bonus ending. It's somewhat plot related, but if we get more than 50, then it'll have more significance.

When commenting under the emotion tracker subthread, please comment with each character separately. This is to make it easier for us to update. In addition, do not edit your comment to update points. If you get new threads or need more points tacked on, reply to your original comment. This is to ensure that the tracker is updated correctly. If you edit, we might miss it.

You have until the end of Sunday, April 17 Tuesday, April 19 to get the flower counts in. Any late submissions will still go on the tracker, but won't affect the outcome.

All questions should go here.
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All right guys! As we mentioned in the announcement, we're going ahead and getting the nominations started a day early so people can get that up and out of the way without having to worry about it during actual thread. Details about all of this can be found here.

As of April 12, this post is ONLY for nominations! Voting does not start until tomorrow, April 13. We know people would want to go ahead and do that, too, but this heads up is to try and fill up the roster so when people do their voting, they get most of it done in one shot.

VOTING IS CLOSED! Results are here

You can nominate anyone until Thursday, April 14, 11:59PM CST and voting ends Friday, April 15, 11:59PM CST. We'll give out one last reminder for votes so that everyone has a fair shot. The process for both is very simple.








And that should be everything. It's identical to last year, so those who remember should find it simple. But if you need a reference, refer to last year's post.

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Just like last year, due to how big this event is in terms of activities and things to do, we're posting the details a few days early to allow everyone to go ahead and plot ahead. There is also a separate plotting post that doubles as a CR Meme. The meme was originally set to be for next month, and the HMD for this month, but the are getting swapped for this purpose.

Because we are repeating a number of the "traditional" activities, most of these will seem familiar. However, there are a few new special ones, so please read it all and enjoy!


















ALL RIGHT. Think that's everything. If you have any questions, post them here.
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Hey, everyone! The past few days San and I have been discussing a CNY festival for Emp with Laena and we've been given the green light! Since it begins February 8th this year, just after applications close, Laena and the other mods are letting us integrate CNY with the IC intro mingle log. They said this could work two ways: 1) CNY will be one of the prompts or 2) All of the prompts will be surrounding the CNY festival. San and I have already come up with some good prompts, so we are leaning more towards #2 at the moment. This way the new characters aren't left out of the festivities and also so we don't step on anyone else's player plots, or any other in-game events. Another reason behind this event is that China thought that he could integrate CNY with helping to keep the positive emotions flowing into the pods, so the festival will be held near the Tree of Memories.

That being said, we need volunteers for several things, which are listed below. No prior CR to China is necessary, it's open to all characters. Plus I plan to make an IC post for China on crystalnet tomorrow for this, so they can get acquainted through that way too.

List and summary of positions )

I believe I've covered everything we have volunteer-wise so far! We will make a group plurk or group google hangout (whichever is easier for the majority) so that we can all can discuss further ideas. San has also volunteered to make a google doc for all the CNY info to help keep things more organized. Also, my plurk is [ profile] okami_no_tira
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This is the tracker designated for the Night of Selenium Event. For emotions, this is a pretty simple one. Just comment to appropriate subthread for documentation. If you need help determining what emotion fits, feel free to use this chart (work in progress, not absolute).

We are also doubling this post as Memory Pod tracker. For this event, all ghosts eventually ascend to the Tree of Memories and disappear into a pod. By default, the ghost will go to the pod of the character's alignment, BUT it can go to a different pod if the emotions attached to that ghost are far stronger or more comparable to that pod's alignment. So for example, a character may be aligned to Elios, so by default the ghost would count toward an Elios pod. But if the emotions are more envious, then the ghost could go to an Aiada pod instead.

You can only pick one. A ghost cannot split between pods. In terms of how many ghosts can be seen by a character, that is unlimited—however be reasonable. In addition, it is preferred that the ghost of a particular individual only occurs once. Although there could be many petals for one ghost, the actual ghost apparition should only occur one time.

In terms of points, we will be using the standard point system (1 point per ghost, 2 points if aligned). However, because this event can invoke stronger than usual emotions, we are allow ghosts to count up to 3 points. Please do not abuse this to try and arbitrarily "rack up pod points." Especially you aligned folk! The points are going to double for you!

ATTENTION!! Due to mod failure, the form neglected to indicate whether the ghosts would count as positive, negative, or apathetic. Please indicate the type by adding a +, -, or % next to the number of points. A note about apathetic ghosts—they will all go toward the "Unknown" pods, regardless of alignment.

Directions are given in the appropriate subthreads. If you have any questions, comment here.