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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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Feb. 26th, 2017

futureprofessor: (220)
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taken from [personal profile] depicted at [community profile] eachdraidh

Icons and written text don't always give a clear impression of a character. That's what this meme is for! Describe what your character is like in person. What is their body type? Do they have any distinctive markings? Do they have an accent or unique kind of voice? Any interesting type of body language? This is especially great for any things that have changed since their arrival! And you can link your comment in your Emp profile later, too.

Basically, share anything that you feel other characters would notice about yours if they ran into them in the street.

Order of operations:
i. Fill out this textarea

ii. Comment to this post! Also, feel free to fiddle with the colour of the comments subject headings. Colour code your character!
iii. Read the comments of others.
iv. Get clarifications! Talk about how this affects your cr! Compare cool scars and recommend tailors to one another!

Need steampunk fashion resources? Check this site! Thank you Mako for the rec.