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Feb. 18th, 2017

absolutevalue: (∞ Tractor Shot)
[personal profile] absolutevalue
Heyyy everyone, Kyio here just noting real quick that I've canon updated Zero (he's been gone as of the 15th, coming back on the 20th!), and it's kind of a major one as he's going from Mega Man X 5 to the end of Mega Man Zero 4 - loooot of time passed for him, about a century or so.

He now looks pretty physically different and his memories of Empatheias will be a bit janky for a month or so, because of canon memory issues. Fun times, fun times. He will still remember his current CR, just not clearly right away, and ICly only his face should still be the same - the rest of him is physically different (thanks, art style shift!).

Beyond that, you can ask me about any other potential changes or anything else via PM or on plurk at [ profile] kyio. I went into this stuff on plurk already but bluh bluh trying to avoid confusion because new icons etc. But yes that's all I've got, so yup! Later, guys.