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Lavieti Trackers


All right guys, we have three types of trackers for this event, but don't worry—they are not too complicated.


As promised, we are trying the new survey form for the Emotion Tracker. The form is here and the results will be automatically tallied here. IMPORTANT: This tracker is only for this event! You will still need to use the original form for general ET purposes.

Now as to the form itself, it's a simple rating survey format. There are two different ways you can rate emotions:

  1. Character based. You can do a general rating of emotions based on how your character felt during their time on the excursion. It could be for a specific event or it could just be a cumulative overview.

  2. Thread based. You can rate the emotions that occur in specific threads.

In each case, you can submit once or multiple times. There is no wrong way to do this, so choose whichever works best for you.

By default, the form has everything set to "0", so all you need to do is select the proper rating. If there is nothing there, just leave it at default! You could have one type of emotion, or you could have one of each. Our only request is when rating emotions, be reasonable. 1 is the lowest, and 10 should be only for extreme cases. We expect there to be a lot of damage or some kind of emotion explosion for those.

As for the overview, it doesn't have to be long. Just a quick blurb to explain what happened. If you have a thread, include it there.

Since this is a new format, feel free to ask questions here.


Since the ghosts are connected to the number of crystallized petals in Verens, we'd like for all who have a thread regarding ghosts to fill out the form and comment here. The form will simply ask who was involved, what the ghost requested, and whether it was fulfilled or not.


Similar to the Ghost Tracker, we'd like all who are talking the doors to fill out the form and comment here. This form will simply ask who was involved, what emotions were used, and the piece found.

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