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Welcome to [community profile] empatheias' test drive meme. This test drive is to help interested players test their characters in the game's environment. We've included a few prompts that incorporate specific elements of the game, though you'll find all of them have a lot of leeway for players to get as creative as necessary. Before diving in, here are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about the game in general:

  • Date reminders. Reserves open Thursday, November 24 and Applications (Canon | OC) open Thursday, December 1st.

  • OC Reminder! Just a quick reminder that original characters are allowed. Those interested can also use the test drive. OCs do not need to be reserved.

  • Emotions are key! Empatheias' premise focuses on how anyone's emotions can affect their environment, be it big or small. While not every emotion will cause a reaction, significant ones definitely will. How much effect a character will have will ultimately be up to you, the player. Also, while we're giving a lot of leeway for the test drive, keep in mind that there will be some limits in the actual game.

  • Everyone has an amulet. All characters have a unique amulet that is specialized for them. It will contain all of their emotion drops and it serves as the network device. Remember, communication is telepathic. Otherwise, it works basically the same.

  • Assume the character is already in the game. Because "OMG WHERE AM I IS THIS REAL LIFE" threads aren't going to be very helpful in this test drive! Plus those are going to happen in-game, anyway. So to make things easier, just assume that they've been around at least a week or so. Still learning the ropes, but not a complete "first day" experience.

  • First or third person allowed. Your threads can be in either first or third, but we'd advise being flexible about it. Remember, these threads can also be used in your application for samples! Reminder: We only require one sample and it can be done in either format. We have also made a change to our sample requirements, so look over the Applications page!

Now with that out of the way, here are some prompts you guys can work from!


• Prompt A: How about giving the emotions a try?

• Prompt B: Refer to the Task Board and choose a task your character may be interested in taking up. For this prompt, you could have your character ask for help, already be in the middle of the job, or react to it in some way. Perhaps they were an unfortunate victim or want to create a job countering an existing one. You could even have a prompt making a job request. Creating jobs for the purpose of the test drive is absolutely doable.

• Prompt C: How about giving the amulets a go? Start a telepathic conversation and see how it works. Remember, the amulets are sending out the owner's thoughts so might want to be careful about how the stream of consciousness goes...

• Prompt D: The Boreas Harvest Festival is in full swing, but like its previous iterations, things aren’t exactly going as smoothly as they should.

  1. Bouncing bounties. It seems the locals’ anticipation is affecting their products and grange displays—watch out for any excitable fruits and vegetables that might be jumping around! Or maybe you could help catch them and return them to their displays.

  2. Giant pumpkin vines. Some children wanted a really big pumpkin and hoped and danced with all their might, but that led to not only making a huge pumpkin that's now rolling all over the field, but huge vines as well. But they're mischievous things, aiming not to hurt but just pull pranks, like drag people down or hold them up upside-down.

  3. Smells like feet. It seems some people are rushing to ripen their products to their peak—which seems to be pushing them into overripe and even plain-out rotten territory. Not to mention the fact that if the larger vegetables are moved even slightly, they’ll explode and get slimy, gross veggie guts on everyone who’s around…

• Prompt E: A few intrepid jewelers are interested in the jaded water that can be found in the jungle below, so take a trip to the surface with your fellow Otherworlders while the excursion still has funds and check it out! Just be careful; the area’s rife with negativity and bad mojo, among other things…

  1. Plants vs. Everything Else. The vines hanging around are ready to catch on people’s arms and legs, stopping them from continuing ahead… or from going home. This land seems to be mighty possessive after so long of being abandoned and doesn’t want anyone to leave, not again. There’s flowers and giant pitcher plants that’ll do the same thing too, with the latter definitely being more dangerous, seeing as they’re big enough to catch a whole human.

  2. Pools of jade. After a few right turns, there’ll be a wide area of pools waterfalling into each other… or they would be, if they were moving. There’s shards from them scattered near the banks; picking them up will trigger a thought of something you’re jealous of, and if you turn around, chances are the jaded pools are going to be showing glimpses of that, too. If you’re pulled into them, the jade’ll start creeping up on you, so watch out and find something (or someone) to appreciate!

• Prompt F: Stuffed animals have always been popular around the island, especially since they usually respond and move to emotions. The dunamis users of Shaarnath and the perfomancy artists of Theastai would like to combine all three elements to put on a special "puppet" show. But they need volunteers and those willing to learn.

  1. Make those furry butts wiggle! One of the greatest challenges is making the stuffed animals dance in a way that doesn't make them look like creepy possessed dolls. Perfomancy artists will suggest channeling fun, positive emotions and perhaps even try dancing yourself. It's more likely the stuff animal will mimic the movement.

  2. Test of flight. There are a few bird plushies that are to fly around the stage. This can be more difficult to achieve and requires great concentration and a free spirit type personality to succeed. The loftier the hopes and dreamy thoughts one has, the higher they will go. But heavy thoughts will just keep the birds grounded.

  3. Not the stuffing! On a less emotionally driven side, these little plushies will get worn from use. They may even limp and seem as if in pain. A bit of new stuffing, needlework, and perhaps a little kiss on the nose will make it feel better! ...And maybe make you look a little weird, but tender loving care, right?

• Prompt G: Make your own! It could include thumbtacks and/or bowling balls.

For your threads, put the Character Name and the Canon in the subject line to help readily identify them. You're also welcome to use more than one prompt for respondents to choose from. If you have any questions or want to brush up on the game information, refer to the Game Information entry. Otherwise, tag around and have fun!

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