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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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May. 6th, 2017

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Just dropping in a quick note to say I'm going to be hitting up some old af tags from before my unintentional health-related hiatus last month. I won't be dropping any logs, but I am going to cut loose old network tags. If anyone would rather not continue an old log, just drop me a line here, through pm, on plurk (flashily), or discord (flashily#0311), and maybe we can do something new instead.
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Hey everyone! We request that everyone who has just joined the game to comment to this entry for your introduction. This is to prevent the community from getting over spammed and reduce clutter.

Feel free to format your introduction however way you want. Just be sure include your name, character(s), and any preferred method of contact.

So say hello and meet some new faces!

Since we did not include it on our acceptance notices: We have a Game Discord!
You can join it by following the link here.