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Sonia Nevermind | Super Dangan Ronpa 2

♚ E-2

[Luckily for Sonia, she was pretty much always in a good mood. Being a part of this festival only continued to make her positive aura skyrocket. So when her egg hatches, the cutest little familiar with the fluffy feather wings appeared in front of her and she took an instant liking to it.

The unfortunate part about this, was that her cute little familiar was a bit on the mischievous side. If you happen to be wearing a shiny necklace, earring, bracelet or even a button, it will catch the creature's eye and will try to pull it off.

However, it won't be long until a commanding voice was heard.]

Halt! I command you to cease this tomfoolery at once!

[Hearing the Princesses' voice causes the creature to immediately fly back over to her and a blonde girl runs over, looking quite exasperated and also a little embarrassed.]

I cannot begin to apologize enough for my new friend's behavior. It seems to have taking a liking to shiny objects. Please let me pay for any damage it might have done to your accessory.

♚ F-1

[Sonia wasted no time in visiting the animals, she was so excited and happy to be near them that literal sparkles start to shimmer around her. While she continued to pet the animals, she didn't even notice the Golden Retriever tail and droopy ears from the top of her head. It was when she reached over to pull her hair back, she happened to feel the ears. At first she blinks in confusion, but then she happened to look down at the water bin for the animals, seeing her reflection from the water.]

Oh wow, this is so cool! This is just like something I read out of a Japanese manga once. [She pauses for a few seconds, trying to think of the word that was on the tip of her tongue.] Kemonomimi! I feel so lucky to experience this.

[She only continues to sparkle.]

♚ F-2

[This place was so much fun and Sonia wanted to try and see everything at the festival. She's never played carnival games before, so she just had to try her hand at these. It didn't help that a debonair alpaca plush has caught her attention and she decided that she must have it. Besides, she felt more satisfied if she won it fair and square from a game and that thought only made it more thrilling.]

All right, I have decided to set my eyes on that plush right there!

[She dramatically points at the plush before picking up a toy gun filled with cork bullets. She narrows her eyes at the plastic bottles she aims and fires, hitting one of the bottles with precise accuracy.

Only for the bottle to not fall down...? What.]

W-What? I could have sworn that it hit.


♚ Wildcard

[None these catch your fancy? Feel free to run into Sonia anywhere! You are more than welcomed to throw a random prompt at me or you can also hit me up at [ profile] konimi for any questions. ♥]

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