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Kiyotaka Ishimaru | Dangan Ronpa


[After walking around in complete confusion for a few minutes, Ishimaru decided to ask a couple of locals about where the closest high school might be. Unfortunately after a few stares and negative answers, Ishimaru could only stand in the middle of the sidewalk with a look that was both angry and upset at the same time.

Where are the others? He assumed they might be there, but... if there's no school, that rules out that possibility. Not to mention, HOW CAN A MOSTLY MODERNIZED CITY LACK SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT?!

While he's outwardly silent, he definitely can't stop his thoughts from leaking into the amulets. Loudly, too.]

W-what?! How can there be no school here?! T-this isn't some sort of bad joke... is it?! A school is the most important building in any society!! A fundamental institute for teaching students about work and ethics!


[Standing around and doing nothing has never been his style, so of course Ishimaru is out helping with the cleanup. Anyone standing and just chatting, however, is going to get an almost intense looking stare from the formally dressed student.

Most of that intensity kinda falls flat due to the fact that he's holding a bunch of flowers in his arms.]

Hey! No idle chit-chat! We're here to clean, not stand around engaging in pointless conversations!!

[Of course, talking and working at the same time is fine. But he's definitely going to use his non-existent indoor voice to get those idlers to start working once more!]

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