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Daniel Kanegem | OC

[B - GT0401]

[750 sylvs was really, really tempting. The task included "sharp tools" which he didn't technically have, but the daggers Daniel hid in his gauntlets were just as good, right? Sure, it said they were hardy and tried to trip people, but he could handle that.

...Or not. At the moment he was currently on the ground with one vine around his ankle, and another wrapped around the bottom of his cloak. He was pretty easy to find, cursing sharply as he sliced at the vine holding him down. Each time he cut one another rose up, including one that wrapped around his head and pulled him down harder.



[Times like these made him really glad he didn't have allergies. He swept up another pile of loose petals and other debris, adding them to a larger one he'd collected already. Spotting something, he bent down to pick it up, downy white feather easily picked up from everything else. He turned it over in his hands, then huffed it out and watched it lazily drift off again.

Daniel chuckled to himself and swept the pile into a bin. With a light sigh he leaned on the broom, taking a small glass bottle out of his pocket and downing half the water remaining inside.]

One'a these days I'm going to be able to control the wind better. Would make stuff like this less of a pain in the ass.

[Not that he's directly talking to anyone around him, though he's audible enough if someone nearby were to stop.]


[He's not going to chase the geese. They're just wandering through the outskirts of town here, minding their own business; a flock on the move, taking their own time getting back to the lake. He was a werewolf, yes, but he wasn't in wolf form at the moment (and wouldn't be for nearly a month, thank god).

He was better than this.

A few honkers wandered past the bench where he was sitting, having been minding his own business until they started by and caught his attention. Now he was sitting fairly uptight, hands gripping his knees and one foot jiggling up and down.

He's not going to chase these geese.

Daniel looked up and away, resolving not to look at them. Not even to smell them, catch their scent on the breeze delicately blowing his way, nor to listen to them as they squawked and buzzed about themselves. A goose wandered by, poking its beak around the feet of the bench for any dropped food. It paused at the sight of a small plant curling its way out of the ground. A plant with teeth, a Venus Flytrap. And another. And more. The goose nosed them curiously, then walked on. No real food here.

More plants grew themselves into existence around Daniel's feet and bench, responding to the emotions leaking from him. Hunger, chase, predator- An uncomfortable twist to his face and he breathed in- SHIT big mistake, too many honkers nearby


[Feel free to start something of your own, or hit me up at PM/[ profile] zumidotexe for plotting!]

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