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Yonah ([personal profile] whitescrawled) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-04-18 06:19 pm (UTC)

Yonah | Nier


[A magical amulet that lets her talk to eeeeeeverybody here....that is AWESOME and she has to try it immediately.]

Hello! Can everybody hear me? [ah wait she should've thought of something to actually say to everybody first uhhhh] --umm what's...your favorite color! I like pink. But blue's really pretty too, huh? Like the sky. I also really like the red Devola and Popola have - I don't know if you know them but they've got really pretty red hair, and oh yeah, there's white and yellow and grass and chickens and purple and brown and--


[She'd been frightened at first, when her cute little plush had burst into flames--then curious when those flames left behind an egg. Maybe it was a chicken! A magic chicken?...A magic chicken with four feet and rainbow eggs!

Of course, rather than a magical mutant chicken, the result was a cute little angething. Which was...even better!(?) Regardless, there is now a young girl chasing her new winged friend around town, quite possibly bumping into you in the process. She's incredibly out of breath! Not dangerously so, but they've obviously been playing tag for a good few minutes now.

Exercise isn't her strong point.]

W-wait...Keine...wait for me...!

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