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Cloud Strife | Kingdom Hearts

B with a little A - ST0408

"Hey, put me down! You have no right to do this--!!"

Cloud ignored the man squirming in his grasp. In fact, his whole demeanor screamed indifference and even annoyance as he hauled the rude man from the residential area to Shaarnath. It hadn't been difficult the first few times he did this, mostly because one would look at his massive sword and easily let him escort them out with no trouble. But not this one, nope. A little gray cloud (har har) floated above his head to show his varying degrees of annoyance that his otherwise impassive face did not show.

"Listen here you spiky haired freak, I will call the authorities!"

"That's why I'm here." That shut the man up. While easily misconstrued as Cloud being the authorities (he wasn't), he took up the job of essentially getting these folk out of here. He sighed as he made his way to Shaarnath. At least this guy was the last one.


Of course I'd land in a place that runs on emotions... Leon and Aerith would just get a kick out of this. [Whoops, he wasn't intending to start a conversation but here you go.]


Sword at home this time and dressed a bit more appropriately for this place (he could admit the fashion was cool, okay?), he decided that while he may have landed here after the festivities (bummer) he didn't mind helping with clean up. It gave him something to do and not at all think about his ordeal. The fact that, last he checked, he was off fighting Sephiroth. He was sure he had been winning too, but his memories was a bit fuzzy. But, whatever, he held a basket in the crook of his arm where he was placing the flowers that had been put up along with a few string lights. He'd had to get off the ladder soon to empty the basket, but for now, he didn't mind doing this.

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