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Killua Zoldyck | Hunter x Hunter

[ C ]

Odd place here... I know it's nowhere i've been before...

[ The stream of thought comes unbidden, unaware that these could be heard by just about anyone. Hence why it seems to continue on their own after a few moments. ]

So bored... I can't find Gon or Biska around... so i'm not in the game anymore. Wonder if anyone'd tell me where I am... [ A sigh. ] Or where some sweets are... i'm hungry...

[ F-1 ]

[ Coming from the type of family as he had, Killua was used to being on edge and his senses alert. Though with all the chaos of this frivolity going on, he'd lowered his guard due to that this circus was the first real one he'd gotten to go to and was truly getting to act his age for once.

Which meant going around petting all the animals with a big smile on his face, just heading on out when he felt something brush against the backs of his legs and anyone could see him bristle visibly as he tried to find the source of it. To which revealed a bushy, white cat tail that was tipped black near the end, a hand making to grab it when he'd caught his appearance in a nearby mirror.

Atop his mess of spiky white hair was a distinctive pair of fluffy white ears to match the tail, while his blue eyes had gained slit-like pupils. ]

W-What is this?! How...?!

[ F-2 ]

[ A place like this was really quite intriguing. He'd never seen this kind of thing before but there was games and fun things to be had, so he'd started wandering about to see if something caught his interest. Somewhere along the line he happened across the strong arm competition, where the man running it called out to him with an offer to try it and he nearly passed it up.

That was... if the giant tiger plushie that was the prize hadn't caught his attention. Killua took one look between the plush and the man calling out to him before he just smiled in a seemingly innocent manner and nodded. ]

Sure. I'll give it a shot.

[ So cue a rather short looking twelve year old going to sit at the table where the strong-arm competition is being held, looking rather small in comparison to the rather muscled, tall middle-aged man that was to be his opponent. He looked incredibly confident in himself, assuring him that there was no hard feelings if he wasn't able to do it which only made him quickly figure out that this was MEANT to be rigged.

Put people against this guy and there was no chance they'd win. ]

Go easy on me, would you?

[ The larger man laughed as he sat down at his side of the table and placed his elbow on it, Killua doing the same with a calm smile in place. He took the man's hand - which nearly completely enveloped his own - and waited for the count down.




In that next instance, the other man started to exert strength in a show meant to quickly get this over with... but that's not how it worked. So everyone around them would get treated to quite the interesting sight: a small, somewhat fragile looking pre-teen slamming down the arm of an adult almost twice his size so fast that the man was essentially flung out of his chair.

Not that it stopped him from just standing and putting his hands in his pockets as he turned to the first man, smiling brightly. ]

So I won, right?


[ Don't see anything that catches your eye? Hit me up with anything else and i'll roll w/ it. ]

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