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Togami Byakuya | Super Dangan Ronpa 2


[They certainly weren't lying when they had said the animals enjoyed food - this unfortunately included human food. And although they're proving to be rather pesky, he doesn't want to physically push them away or anything. It was good food - he couldn't blame them.

Between hastily munching away at his own meal and warding off curious creatures, Togami doesn't notice the bunny ears that had, at some point, spontaneously sprouted from the crown of his head... Perhaps someone would be nice enough to tell him?]


[It just happened to be Togami was playing in the hands of unlucky with these silly carnival games. He's not sure why he decided to toss a coin or two, but he's definitely regretting it. He didn't even want a particular prize... well, not really.

So he finds himself standing off to the side, arms folded and eyes narrowed. This whole set up was stupid - just an easy way for the owners to cheat their guests out of money. And he may be Super High School Level Heir, but his wallet could only take so much strain!

In the midst of his pouting, he manages to see an unsuspecting victim walking up to the counter.

Well... Might as well warn them, right?]

Don't bother wasting your time; you're not going to win, [he pauses.] Especially if I couldn't.


[ooc: don't like these two prompts? then feel free to come up with something else~ if you want to plot, i can be reached at [ profile] azuremyst_dawn]

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