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Princess Yue | Avatar: The Last Airbender


[ So this amulet really made her connected with the good people of this place? It seemed like such a simple item, and yet a lot more high tech than she was used to. She concentrated hard on it. If she was going to get used to things, she had to try her best, right? ]

Hello to all who may hear my words. I do apologize if I have distracted you from anything important. There is not an important question on my mind to ask at this moment. I just wished to see if I were using this correctly. If you are able to hear me, my name is Yue. It is a pleasure to speak with you.


[ Yue was a bit surprised to find out her cute little prize had turned into such a beautiful creature. It seemed the little angelic creature decided to make a nest of Yue's hair and almost seemed to blend in quite nicely. Any time she passed someone with a similar creature, hers would chirp loudly and try to make her speak to them. ]

A-ah hello. Pardon me. It seems my little friend here wanted to say hello.

[ She laughed softly and bowed her head gently. ]


[ A small little shriek could be heard by anyone near by the menagerie. Yue thought it strange that she suddenly grew very thirsty. Far more thirsty than any normal thirst. After drinking bottle after bottle after bottle, she decided to go find a place to sit. Perhaps she had just exhausted herself, right?


There was a mirror nearby and when she went to look into it, the sight of what she saw completely alarmed her. Yue's skin became much paler, there was a rather large black diamond on her forehead. Gills seemed to have grown along her neck, and the frills of her outfit weren't frills at all, but fish like attachments, making her almost look like a fishy mermaid on land.

O-Oh dear. O-Oh dear this cannot be happening.


[ If you had something else in mind, please feel free to make one up yourself. ]

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