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Cynthia ([personal profile] anelegantmyth) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-04-18 07:52 am (UTC)

Cynthia | Pokemon (Games)


[It's pretty frustrating waking up to a strange place and not knowing where you are. She wasn't really in the best mood, as she had a lot of work to get back to but no way of getting home. It didn't really help that a literal storm cloud followed her around as she wandered the area. Really, what is happening here??]


[Cynthia knew these creatures, kind of. They looked like pokemon. But they weren't actual pokemon. So, of course, her curiosity eventually led her to sit on the ground as she played with a bunch of baby bunnies. They were just too cute for her to resist. Except, with the sheer amount of cuteness distracting her. She didn't even realize the bunny ears that had sprouted on her head. Damn mischievous circus people!]


[She didn't know why she wanted that four foot tall mega fluffy unicorn toy. It was cute, and it was big and fluffy. It all started with her playing one of those ring toss games just for the heck of it. But man that carnie was one manipulative bastard. Somehow, he convinced her she wanted that stupid toy, and her competitive side really came out here. Please, someone stop her.]


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