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Lizzie Hearts | Ever After High


Hello? Hello, is someone there? It has been brought to my attention that I am in fact not home at all. I must have jumped down the wrong rabbit hole. It's an honest mistake I assure you.

If you can hear me, I do request that you take me to your highest power so I may discuss with them the method of my departure.

If you do not wish to help me, then it's off with your heads!

Ahem. That is all.


You there? Yes you! You aren't doing anything important are you?

[ Whoever was unfortunately enough to be spotted by Lizzie ended up having her approach quickly. ]

Come now, it's rather important. There is no need to dilly dally. That is unless you have a permit. Do you have a permit?


[ Lizzie sat by the waters edge of the lake among the loud honking geese that made their home there. Lizzie wasn't afraid of them, after all her roommate back home was Duchess Swan, which sometimes was practically the same thing. ]

Oh yes, I do enjoy the weather today.

[ He let out a soft sound. ]

Hmm? Oh don't be foolish, of course your feathers look alright. Why if anyone said anything different it'll be off with their heads!

[ It's a mystery if she could actually understand them or she was just making up the conversation, but the fact that they didn't try to cause her harm meant she was one of their own. ]

Wild Card.)

[ Have anything else you'd like to throw her way, feel free! ]

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