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Riku | Kingdom Hearts

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[Riku stands in front of a house, staring silently as if he expects the squirrels to reveal themselves. It's taken four hours and talking to multiple households before he's gotten a solid lead on a house with reported squirrel sightings. He sighs and adjusts the vest he's wearing. If there's on thing he can appreciate about this day it's the warmth. Not quite Destiny Island level warmth, but by far an improvement from the winter months.]

I can't believe they have us out here chasing squirrels. Exactly how do you think they're going to rehabilitate them once we manage to catch them? [Once, not if. It might be taking longer than he'd like, but he has no doubt that he'll manage to catch them in the end.]



[Anyone hanging out near the animal menagerie will likely hear Riku crying out in confusion and horror. He had been minding his own business, looking at the animals, and the next thing he knew he caught sight of himself in the mirror. Only...the reflection is a bit different from what he's used to. His ears are those of a cheetah and his eyes are a dark hazy yellow color instead of their regular blues. Black spots spread from his cheeks and down his neck.]

This is not happening!


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