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Saitama | One Punch Man

C: Get Outta My Head, Charles!

[Well, okay. This is weird and Saitama isn't really fond of letting much of anything get into his head, but he's really getting kind of desperate. There's just so much about this place that's weird and unfamiliar even after a few weeks and it's starting to get to him. So, a bald guy with a really, really stupid t-shirt appears on the network.

It takes him a minute to say anything, since he's mostly just kind of looking around and trying to really figure out how this is going to go before he realizes that he is, in fact, broadcasting. Still slouched over, he scratches at his ear and in the most tone voice ever, finally says something.]

Yo. Uh. Are there any good restaurants around here. Cheap ones, if you know any, but if there aren't any good ones, it can't be helped. It's a pain, cooking all the time.

E-1: Bug-Chasing

[When he'd picked up that egg at that weird festival he wasn't sure what he expected to come of it, but now Saitama seriously regrets not cooking it sooner. It seemed like it'd keep for a bit, but when he'd opened his icebox a couple of days later and a weird winged critter had flown out he'd definitely freaked out and started chasing it.

Which leads to the current situation: One of the little bad luck sprites bolting down the street flying as fast as it can while some bald guy with a big flyswatter comes charging down the street like a bull. The ground actually craters a little with each step, the intensity of his irritation causing the environment to react.]

...Stupid bug! Get back here!

[Yes...this is happening.]

((ooc: Interested in a different scenario, PM me. I apologize in advance for this guy. He's kind of an asshole.))

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