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Sattsu | Replica

B - squirrels
[ Look - he might not have much of a clue about what's going on here, but squirrels look pretty cute and they're not even the size of a house, like that bunny Manji and Karu met. Seems pretty harmless, right? One's even friendly enough to climb in his hair.

When it starts to gnaw on him it's less friendly though. He's a doll, he's made of metal underneath his fake skin, and it really shouldn't get to that.

He starts shaking his arm, but the squirrel has a steady grip. ]

Hey, hey, let go, Varii's not here to repair me!

[ Cleaning is easy, he can do that in his sleep (he doesn't sleep though, so it's not like that's going to happen). He likes having fun though, and as a pierrot he's got a job to entertain.

So since he's picking flowers down anyway he takes the chance to braid them into a flower crown and puts it on your head, laughing about it as he himself is wearing at least three of them. ]

You look funny! Want some vouchers?

[ He can't eat, so he has no use for them. ]

[ He's been in a pretty great mood in a while, so his egg hatched something really nice. He doesn't know what to wish for though, as he's never lived for himself before. He was created to serve a purpose, and here? He's been having a good time but he's kind of lost.

So, with the feathery creature on his head, he hops up to you, grinning. Not that he's capable of not smiling, his lips are forever turned upward no matter what he's feeling. ]

Hey, if I don't make any wishes, you think this lil' guy will stay around?

[ ooc: Anything goes! Contact me on plurk @fylgja if you want. ]

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