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Madhuri Qalli | Final Fantasy XIV (OC)


[Her tongue slipped between her painted lips as she tuned the purple Gibson. With its polished gleam, it was clear it was well taken care of. But what remained now was the matter of finding out if something like her usual power worked here with just a thought, rather than invoking the elemental Primals.

Time to get to work.

Her bejeweled fingers played along the strings, beginning a somber tune. It was one recently acquired, a story that needn't be told lest there was a lesson to be learned. What else to learn, here, than of the tale of how balance was restored but at a price?]

The sigh of the shifting sea,
The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze,
The white of her silken dress, stained in red...

[The grass beneath twitched, but it was by no means of their own. It swayed with a breeze that began to blow, bringing with it the briny scent of the seaside. The cry of gulls was distant, forlorn, and a listener's eyes brimmed over with tears. All they had worked for was lost... but what was lost?]

A memory fading fast,
A mother sits, eyes downcast,
A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid...

[Wow, it... it really did work here. Madhuri paused, reaching up to dab at her eyes. She'd heard the story so many times and was left in quiet contemplation. But never did she weep... not until today. She felt, in that moment, like the woman holding the tattered remnants of her late lover's uniform. Unbeknownst to her, a small, sullen drop was added to her carefully-supervised collection within her amulet.]


[She'd dressed in red tonight, complete with tassels, scarves and small golden bells. If anyone was giving the people flushed cheeks aside from the sheer power of the ritual, it was her as she had no problems swaying her hips and stepping in and out of the circles. Twigs were offered, moments were given of course... but a Qalli had to dance when the opportunity was granted to her.

Her dark eyes alight, she swayed and moved like the flames in the center of the rings, and never felt so free in her life. No need to be a hero! No need to answer a call! All a god wanted was an offering, and she was more than happy to feed the flames. ...Or someone else's.

Male or female, that didn't matter. With her lips curled in mischief, she approached the nearest wallflower and reached out. With a deep, rich laugh, she began to pull them into the outer circle.]

Hahaha! Don't think I didn't notice you...!

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