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Yang Xiao Long | RWBY

B - "Love Rarely Ceases 2: Phantom Boogaloo"

[Yang doesn't believe in curses and she's still good at moving stuff around, so signing on as a stagehand sounds like easy lien to her. The free room and board is a huge plus as the cRWBY house is kinda stuffed full of people right now and things are...sort of a lot little awkward.

She can be found moving large pieces of scenery or props almost effortlessly, raising curtains or back-drops without breaking even breaking a sweat.

...And occasionally making peanut gallery comments and commentary under her breath while the actors are performing because what is this story???]

D2 - "I'll save you a dance."

[Yang loved parties. Still loves parties. And she likes dancing. But it's been...awhile, since she's danced with anyone and a lot has happened. As much as she doesn't want to admit it, she's just not quite ready to go up and dance one-on-one with somebody.

But a group dance is the perfect compromise. There's no pressure on either side and no chance of rejection. She's quick to pick up the steps, laughing warmly if she or her latest dance partner mis-step or otherwise mess up.

Later, as she throws her twig into the fire, she'll talk about her dad, who helped get herself back into fighting shape.]

Love you, Dad.

E2 - "Not so bad luck charm"

[Yang's mood has been pretty okay over the past couple of days following the festival, so it's probably no surprise that from her plush comes a white egg and a fluffy golden-colored familiar from that.

Naturally, it seems to have taken a liking to her similarly golden hair, idly flitting about her head and finally picking up a lock to very gently tug at it, prompting Yang to fix it with a stern look, scolding it like a parent talking to a child.]

Hey. No pulling.

[Her creature coos a noise, and then deftly swoops to land atop her head, nuzzling and curling itself into the tresses there with extreme care. Yang rolls her eyes, putting her hands on her hips.]

Yeah, okay, technically that's not pulling, but be careful up there or else.

[She's not quite sure yet what that "or else" will entail. More scolding probably. It's really hard to be cross at this thing for too long.

Guess she'll be doing her errands today "in style".]

F1 - "Yellow bunny burns gold??"

[Yang didn't think she'd enjoy the circus quite as much as she had, but the death-defying feats easily won her over. She can't help but check out the menagerie later, if only to get a look at some of the more unique creatures she's never seen before.

And lavish attention on them.

Of course, that means, she's not paying that attention where she should and finds herself sporting a pair of long, almost adorably floppy cream-colored bunny-like ears. She doesn't even have to look in a mirror to see them, as they're incredibly hard to miss.

She's not exactly pleased persay, but given she's clearly not the only one who got pranked here, she can laugh it off.]

Okay, you got me.

[Turning to the person closest to her, she pushes up one of her rabbit ears just like she would a lock of hair, striking a slight pose with a joking grin.]

How do I look?


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