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Mipha | Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

[Task ST0410]

[The lake seems largely undisturbed right now, but this is clearly the place people are being sent to take care of the furradiles, right? There's movement, suddenly, and what looks like a bright red fin breaking the surface like a shark, racing towards the shoreline.

Suddenly, the water breaks and out pops a... girl? A shark?? Sharkgirl??? And lavaboy? Blood circles out around her in the water and she withdraws, pupils blown wide as she deposits onto the shore the body of a furradile from the tip of an impressive looking spear.

She takes a breath and wipes the water from her face, blinking up at whoever's approached.
] O-oh. Hello. I'm sorry, I've nearly taken care of all of them here...

[Prompt D: Fireside Dance]

[She's done her best to follow along with the dancing, laughing gently and smiling all the while. It's not her usual sort of scene, but she couldn't resist after being near-dragged in.

She takes the twig as it's offered and stands around for a moment, trying to sort through her memories. A good one or a bad one? She can think of both, and while she's sure she'd rather focus on the a good memory, she is aware there needs to be a balance. When she thinks about Calamity Ganon, the twig seems to start turning black and brittle, flaking off. But when she thinks of Link... The warmth of her feelings cause the twig to bloom in her hands, ab beautiful array of flowers. Mipha smiles lightly, twirling the twig in her hands before turning to someone else with a twig

Excuse me? Are you-- That is, can I ask... What kind of moment are you going to choose?

[Prompt E]

[The fluffy ball of feathers seems set on playing matchmaker here, despite the fact Mipha desires no such thing. But who cares what she wants in the pursuit of comedy love?? The creatures zips through the crowd with Mipha desperately chasing after it, and it zips to land on anyone it deems interesting enough. Maybe it tries to hide in your hood or up a sleeve, or just land on your shoulder! Either way, it's there, with a slightly out of breath fish-girl coming up behind him]

I-I'm terribly sorry! Ruta, please-- [She looks exasperated and flustered, trying to reach for the creature, but 'Ruta' just flies out of her reach to the other side of the person, which elicits a deep sigh.]

[Prompt F: Animals]

[Look, you'd probably be forgiven in thinking that Mipha's been hit by one of those circus performers magic things, given how she looks, but no, the fish-head and everything are quite natural and normal.

Mipha can be found cupping feed in her hand which some chicken-like animals are gently-but-eagerly pecking at. A few people are pointing and whispering, wondering if the performancy got to her, but she...tries to pay it no mind.


It's not like Zora are terribly rare where she's from, even if some people still react with awe and surprise when seeing them, but this was... Uncomfortable. She curls her fingers uncertainly and pulls back from the chicken-things, arms resting on her knees and glances at the whispering people, who hastily make an exit upon realizing she's heard them

...Is there something on my face?

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