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Nina | Fire Emblem Fates


[This is not where Nina had expected to wind up when leaving her Deeprealm, but she'd resigned herself to make the most of it. It had been a nice surprise when this egg had hatched. It was so adorable. Mr. Wings, his name was.

It really was a nice day out. Mr. Wings circled above Nina's head, before starting to fly away. He flew lazily on his way, and she ran after him, calling:]

Hehe, it would be great if you could make a new friend, too! Just don't go too far, okay?

Covert Mishaps

[It had been a week, and this place was big enough that Nina was still getting her bearings. Looking around from the best hiding places had always been the way she most preferred to learn what was what. She stepped out on a limb, testing it to see if it could support her weight. Seems good, she tells herself, and she made her way further along.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as sturdy as it had seemed. The limb breaks and falls, taking Nina with it. The street below her wasn't completely empty. Hopefully, she doesn't land on anybody.]



[Make up your own! ♥]

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