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Molly Hayes ([personal profile] bruiserprincess) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-04-17 10:34 pm (UTC)

Molly Hayes | Runaways (Marvel 616)


[Special skills? Oh, Molly has a few of those and she's perfectly willing to help out. She's currently holding a rather sizable bundle of fabric that might be several entire tents above her head. And other than a pink glow to her eyes, there's no visible sign of effort.]

I can take more if you can balance it! I'm out of hands though.

[She might be showing off. Just a little.]


[She's not too old for this. Sure, petting zoos are normally for smaller kids but the rules definitely change when there's something this fuzz at a circus. They're just begging to be petted. And the warm glow around her makes it clear she's more than happy to oblige. This is simple. She likes it when things are simple.]

[Except it seems there were definitely some animals who weren't included in the animal experience. For good reason. Except one of them has gotten loose. Which is how Molly has found herself being chased by a rather angry goose. And her own displeasure is manifesting in tiny little lightning bolts that she's trying very hard to keep from hitting the bird.]

You are so lucky being a goose doesn't count as powers!

[She might change that assessment if it doesn't leave her alone though]

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