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Roman Torchwick | RWBY


[Things have not been great for Roman for a while. Your grand plan goes south, the last thing you remember seeing is your partner being blown off a giant airship before you're eaten by a grim, and then you wind up in a weird world where emotions make things go haywire. All in all, the afterlife is not much of an improvement on things in Roman's opinion. Not that he expected it to be but still.

And then there's the cherry on top. This weird little bat-creature that seems to be bringing him bad luck. He'd already been splashed with water from one of the volunteers who'd been cleaning up (the volunteer had sworn that he hadn't seen Roman.) Then he'd stepped in a mess left over from something that he didn't even want to think about. For now, he was staying in one place, wishing he had a cigar, and glaring at the creature.]

You're the worst, you know that?


[Well, this brings back a few memories for Roman. He hasn't run a carnival scam in years, but it had been an earlier money-making venture for him. At least until petty theft and robbery started bringing in a bit more. But you can always count on the classics, and after observing the games, he's more than convinced that a few are rigged. The real question is, can he out-cheat the cheater.

Feel free to find him at any of the games, where he's totally cheating.]


[Any and all other scenarios welcome.]

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