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Robin | Fire Emblem: Awakening


[Curious about everything as always, Robin was content enough to simply watch the fireside dancing for a while to commit both the steps and the experiences to his memory. It was a kind enough boon to still be able to recall his time in Ylisse after awakening in this strange land and, while he did have concerns about the state of affairs in the halidom that had become his home, he saw no reason to make his time here an unpleasant one.

--He was so lost in his observations and thoughts that he simply didn't notice the person approaching him until it was too late.]


[He called, a swift wind ruffling his hair and making his cloak billow out as he was dragged from his seat to join the rest of the dancers.]

Just a few more minutes, please! I'm still studying everything.


[It wasn't the prizes that had attracted Robin, but the sheer novelty of the challenge that these games provided for the carnival goers. Robin could be found throughout the tent, trying his hand at multiple different kinds of games-- and, win or loss, the intrigued smile and the ring of his laughter never faded. The only game he purposfully avoided was the strong arm competition.

Leave that to the professionals, was his thought. He had managed to win a rather large stuffed duck-- and that was good enough for this little game.]


[Don't like a prompt? Make one up! Feel free to contact me at [ profile] starkxravingxmad with any questions.]

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