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Monthly Mod Announcement: April



The main calendar spreadsheet is here as reference.

Here are the basic dates to keep up with:

  • 4/01: Canon and Original Character Applications open.
  • 4/04: Applications close; Reservations close; Intro log posted.
  • 4/05-06: All applications should be processed by the end of this period.
  • 4/13-4/17: Tentative timing for Zephyras Flower Festival.
  • 4/18: Test Drive.
  • 4/23: Activity Check starts; Reservations open.
  • 4/30: Activity Check ends.
  • 4/01: Applications open.


Below are the following who were either removed from the Activity Check or dropped out of the game. The list includes all characters who left the game throughout the month. The following names will also be posted in a visible place within the residential area where most of the characters are residing. This list reflects the names that are also on the wall.

Aligula | [personal profile] innocentloveholic
Apollo Justice | [personal profile] 88dbs
Barriss Offee | [personal profile] failinglight
Crow Armbrust | [personal profile] nevergraduating
Dio Brando | [personal profile] malignans
Duke Pantarei | [personal profile] unlikelyend
Ema Skye | [personal profile] emazingskyence
Finn | [personal profile] neededapilot
Flynn Scifo | [personal profile] thatdamnknight
Greed | [personal profile] ossifragant
Hera Syndulla | [personal profile] phoenixleader
Irisviel von Einzbern | [personal profile] repositories
Jae-ha | [personal profile] soaringleg
Luke Skywalker | [personal profile] toschestation
Makoto Tachibana | [personal profile] breachedwhale
Misaki Kirihara | [personal profile] protecttheweak
Princess Cadence | [personal profile] needsexcitement
Princess Celestia | [personal profile] letteropener
Pyrrha Nikos | [personal profile] pyrrhed
Ravus Nox Fleuret | [personal profile] glaivekeeper
Rider | [profile] kakaktitits
Riku | [personal profile] shadowsthedawn
Rion Lyon | [personal profile] gratitude
Roy Greenhilt | [personal profile] greatcleavage
Ryuutaro Fukami | [personal profile] sensu
Sigrun Eide | [personal profile] captainobnoxious
Stanford Pines | [personal profile] authorofanomalies
Undertaker | [personal profile] cadaverously
Winry Rockbell | [personal profile] wrenchwielder
Yeager | [personal profile] scythegun
Yun | [personal profile] shaman
Yuri Lowell | [personal profile] vigilantims

The following received strikes and must pass this month's Activity Check to remain in the game.

[personal profile] ephemerous
[personal profile] forcelightning
[personal profile] hammernhasslehoff
[personal profile] happydreamed
[personal profile] megabytes
[personal profile] thegreatmistdetective
[personal profile] virusbusting

If there are any mistakes, please let us know ASAP!


The Task Board has been updated so characters can start taking on odd jobs if they are so inclined. Details as to how the Task Board works and sign-up can be found here. In addition, there is a Job List sheet that list out more permanent jobs available for characters. These are different from the Task Board jobs as they can be used as part-time or full-time jobs and do not have any specific time period. If you want your character to have a job, that's it. This is also where we will list character run businesses. So if you have one or are thinking about one, there will be a place where it can be referenced and looked at. You can even make tasks relating to your business.

The location of each task is determined by the colors they're labeled with. So, Blue = Verens; Yellow = Shaarnath; Pink = Theastai; Purple = Excursions; Red = Plot.

So if you'd be interested in any of those, be sure to check out the Board!

As always, we highly encourage anyone to fill out task ideas. (Or if someone is actually crazy and willing to help be our task board generator, we will gladly hire you.)


The Emotion Tracker has been updated with new sheets. If you forgot, you can still submit to the tracker and just have it count toward this month. This includes any events that occurred.

This month's survey link is here.

Here is the screenshot for the end of last month:

Wow, this is a big change from only a week or two ago! Looks like some major emotions were felt by quite a few of you! What on earth has been going on?! It’s a good thing it’s positive, maybe this will mean good things for the Zephyras Flower Festival! And thanks to the fact that the Observatory’s crystal has been fixed, the month’s positivity can be seen clearly in its bright gold tint.

Aiada continues to be a happy summer child, but I wonder how long that will last, or if there are any repercussions to be had for being TOO positive? I guess only time will tell! Sosyne’s looking a little testy, but somehow Piphron managed to say fairly positive as well, despite certain… trials and tribulations.


  1. A New Twist. While we may be down a Laena, we definitely will be seeing the Flower Festival happen! As mentioned on the calendar, it will be about mid month, give or take a day or two, as things wind up. While most of the festival will remain largely familiar we do have a few changes in store to appeal to a more … adventure-y crowd. Elios may make a brief appearance, as well! Whether he will feel up for individual conversations is still up in the air, but an appearance is an appearance especially for a festival of ~*~LoVe~*~

  2. King & Queen It’s not the flower festival without the annual King and Queen voting contest.
    OOCly - this will begin immediately! We will make a sub-header thread with a comment for King, and a comment for Queen. Simply reply with the below form with your character’s nomination. If the character you want to nominate for the title is already nominated, simply add a comment with the character who is voting for them! Your character can give each nominee UP TO 3 points. +1, +2, or +3. They can give points to as many nominees as they wish. Please be careful not to top level nominate a character more than once. Remember: you can vote for whomever for either category.

    ICly - Fliers are distributed the night of April 1st, after midnight (So, technically on April 2nd) just about anywhere they can be posted. They’re all shades of pastels, and some have gaudy glitter—they will be hard to miss. These fliers will notify anyone who takes time to look at them that the vote is going on. All anyone has to do to vote is pass by booths set up in the residential areas and post their nominations in the box.

    The winners will be announced the FIRST day of the festival, and a ceremony will be held. Good luck all you aspiring Kings and Queens!

    Clarification: King and Queen roles are in name only! As in past Flower Festivals any gender can sign up for either title, no title is restricted to one gender. However, there ARE traditional costumes...


We wanted to offer a quick reminder regarding the points on the emotion tracker! When scoring your threads and the emotions within them, please keep in mind that a 1 on the scale would be the equivalent of cursing when you stub your toe. A 10 on the scale would be one of the most moving and emotionally explosive moments in someone’s life—the emotional effects should be on the level of walls crumbling and the ground bursting into flora, and should be just as rare. We expect to see more things range in the 3 to 7 range than 7+. The exception to this are submissions that account for emotions over a period of time, of course, since that can very easily add up to be 10! While we don’t want to discourage players from accurately counting for these very emotional moments when they do happen, we want to make sure that everyone is scoring their submissions in the right proportions so that things don’t get skewed unfairly. Remember: Balance is key!


Moving forward, we want to let you know that the mod team has quite a few things up our sleeves for the next few months! How things will happen is still malleable at this point, but we hope we’ve got an exciting few things for you all to look forward to. This includes at least one major event slotted for May that will possibly tie into the overall meta plot. This will not be a world building event in the same sense that we’ve had in recent months, and those of you who have been here a while may find that the tone may more closely resemble the Arehtei reveals! Hopefully, this will balance out the tone the game has had in recent months.

Further out from may and things are harder to pin down timeline wise, but we have a lot of exciting ideas and potentials that we’re really looking forward to exploring with all of you!


That's it for now! If you have any questions, concerns, or want things clarified, please comment to this comment.
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