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Dracula | Dracula...

Prompt C

Ah-- but the use of telepathy is quite an unusual concept, is it not? [Though you may not be able to see it, one could certainly hear the almost seductive smile that was playing on his lips.]

But also one that could be easily abused. Tell me, has any such person done so? [Not that the "good count" would ever do such a thing. In fact he felt as though he had to add, as an after-thought.]

Out of curiosity that is.

Prompt D - The irritated bystander

[Dracula, being the proper gentleman that he is, wasnt so inclined to join in on the festivities as everyone else. He snarled and gracefully moved about, dodging a random pie, then grabbing someone next to him to take the prompt of a hail of fruit and vegetables. He was not having any of it, and made that very clear with the anger and annoyance written on his face.]

Cease this at once! I shall not be made a fool of!

Prompt F-3

Ah-- how truly...terrorifying. [Though he didn't look spooked in the least, in fact he seemed almost amused by their guide's attempts at horror. His calm smile never wavered in the least, even at the mention of some of the more gruesome aspects of the stories being told. Really, just who did they think they were trying to scare?]

This place almost reminds me of a number of places in my homeland. [Almost, that is. But nothing could be as horrifying as his castle, and his wives therein.]

Prompt G

[Out for a night on the town? A stroll through the woods, or just socializing? Well congrats, you've just run into a handsome, sharply dressed man. A bit of a weirdo on the surface, but also still charming in his own right. He was not opposed to escorting you to a more well-lit and more populized area either, in fact he might insist on it if you were wandering around somewhere more scetchy.

Speaking strange and sketchy, were those bone-chilling howls you just heard that of wolves? Or does your mind just write it off as local dogs barking and howling. They all sound the same, right?]

Ah, [He chuckled.] Children of the night. What beautiful music they make.

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