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Azamat | Original Character

Prompt B

[Azamat was no stranger to acting as server - it had been one of his primary jobs before his creator died under 'mysterious circumstances' - but this was the first time he'd served tea that magically drugged the drinker depending on the server's emotions. It was fascinating, in a way - and taught him that even if he could fake emotions well enough to fool people, he couldn't lie to magical drug-tea, apparently.

While he smiled and chirped merrily at the customers, the tea could sense his deep seated hatred for them and responded accordingly. Azamat didn't know if he should be annoyed or not. Unable to fool magical tea. His sister would be laughing herself into an early scrapheap.

It did mean he served a pretty amazing tea, though, which also equalled good tips. A tea that generated the happy, fluttery feelings one got during courtship - he was assuming. He actually didn't know what love or romance felt like, but he could guess. The people liked the tea anyway, and so long as they didn't get grabby he didn't care.

But anyway... it was time to return to work. Customers couldn't serve themselves]

Here you are, customer! The tea that you ordered. I hope it meets your tastes... and, oh, don't pay any mind to side-effects that can range from anger, despair, manic happiness or in some cases inappropriate arousal. Please enjoy!

[Yes, enjoy your love-drugged tea]

Prompt D-1

That's eleven... now, twel- oh! Splash back has given me thirteen! Hahaha~

[Azamat snickered meanly from where he was strategically positioned behind a bit of cover (a low, wooden table), locking onto a new target. He wasn't really bothered about how wasteful this all was - he didn't eat human food, and if it didn't directly affect him, why should he care? - but he was concerned about getting any food splatter over his nice clothes. Hence why he was trying to hide and only taking potshots at people's turned backs or those who were otherwise distracted. Cowardly? Perhaps, but it was really fun! Messing people up was the reason Azamat even lived, okay]

Hm, new target sighted. [Carefully handling something that smelled strongly of mature cheese - something gross, knowing humans - Azamat locked onto his newest oblivious victim, cocked his arm back and - let the thing fly with unerring accuracy.

Stinky cheese incoming...!]

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