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Peri | Fire Emblem: Fates


[So it's not the usual kind of fight Peri is down for, and she would much rather be cooking the food than throwing it. But hey, this looks like fun.

What starts with Peri digging her hands into various bowls and dishes to throw clumps of food around escalates to her throwing whole fruits and vegetables that she grabs from the buffet. It was only a matter of time before she starts mixing knives, forks and other cutlery into her attacks. You might have dodged that apple flying right at you, but how about the spoon aimed at your face?

While all this is going on, Peri is laughing so hard her chest is starting to hurt.]

Wheehee!! By the time we're done it's gonna be hard telling the blood from the tomato sauce! That's a little sad, isn't it...?!

E + C

[So Peri has been watching people cycle in and out of the freezing cold water for a good half hour now. She's even been cheering on a few people, particularly those who look like they're about to get out to see if she can get them to stay in a few seconds longer. It's after a particularly intense round where all the participants look like they're about to freeze their legs off she starts thinking...]

Isn't turning red just so much cooler then going blue? Don't get me wrong, blue is great. But you just can't beat being covered head to toe in red! It's so bright and exciting... A lot warmer too, totally!

[Outside of that ever so slightly morbid line of thought, Peri can be found dressed up with a pair of fake fins on her arms as she really gets into the whole cheer leading thing.]


[So throwing food around doesn't make people happy. Throwing cutlery? Really doesn't make people happy. But do you know what's a tried and tested way to brighten people up? Treats! So here's Peri returning to the scene of the crime with only the best intentions in mind and a bunch of supplies in hand.

It takes some crying. And screaming. But she manages to commandeer a stall near the market area for her plan. At first she looks as though she's attacking the little shop with how savagely she's slamming and stabbing her knife into the stall top one moment, then whirling around knife in hand as she busies herself with the oven behind her for a moment... Eventually though she's churning out cherry tarts.]

Food fight left you feeling down?! Don't you worry, Peri has got you covered! These snacks are to die for... Well, not right now, but I promise you'll love them!

[Anyone brave enough to try a tart will find, true enough, that they taste phenomenal. What's more it's clear to see that despite her slight love of violence and bloodshed, Peri is enjoying every moment of this. There are red sparks and bubbles floating around her as she cooks, and each tart comes out of the oven glowing a beautiful shade of scarlet. She's yet to notice, but her emotions are helping to bathe the stall in a soft red light.]

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