petrificus: (Not all that good with mooshy stuff)
Deuce Gorgon ( Snakes ) ([personal profile] petrificus) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-03-18 02:44 pm (UTC)

Deuce Gorgon | Monster High


So um. Like Dudes. Dudettes. Is this thing like... on? Like can anyone hear me? Well um. If anyone CAN hear me. Anyone know if like there's a sunglasses store anywhere? Or a Coffin Store? Like. My iCoffin is getting like. No service here what so ever and that's kinda lame. So yeah, answers would be awesome, my dudes... and dudettes.


[ Join in they said. Everything would be fun they said. Well everything's fun until a Gorgon loses their shades, then it's more like a Rock solid performance. ( HAH )

Deuce was on the ground crawling between tables with an arm over his eyes. His panic was clear as day, any food that seemed to cross over him ended up melting into a purplish goo. It was terrible! Everyone already seemed on edge with him around, he didn't want to make things worse by turning everyone into stone as well! He bumped into what appeared to be a pair of legs and let out a panicked noise.

S-Sorry bro!

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