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pretty fly(nn) for a white guy cecil | tales of the abyss

Taskboard -> Tea Party;
[Well, Guy needs money. The question is: how desperate is he?]

[Evidently, pretty desperate, if he's crossdressing to sneak into a woman's tea party. He's done a lot of crazy things in his life. Pretending to be a woman wasn't one of them. But he really needs this cash--- and evidently, has little dignity to part with. Or little shame. Or both.]

[Now, he's a pretty tall guy with a decent amount of muscle, and his features aren't exactly feminine. That, and his aversion to women means all his experience is from observation, in this case, it definitely isn't enough to save him. Here is now: hunched over to try to look dainty, wearing a very unflattering dress, and face caked in make up. Like, seriously caked. It's too much.]

[Now-- either you're catching him in the process of dolling himself up-- in which case he'll give you a very strained smile and mutter:]
Don't ask.

[Or: you're also going to this shindig. As either a fellow crossdresser (if a guy) or a regular guest now probably scarred for life (if a girl). "Gal" keeps "her" distance from the women in the actual party, hiding that horrible splotchy face with "her" sleeve.]

[That is, until an actual woman gets a little too close and "she" gives out a very unladylike scream]

Aaauuugh! [Followed by a cough an attempt to put on a falsetto:] Oh... dear me! I apologize for the outburst.

[He's doing great]
D -> Food Fight;
[Now, Guy wasn't involved in the fight. He didn't so much as throw a meatball. But as a career manservant/nanny, he's used to cleaning up other people's messes. He takes up a broom and a dustpan with minimal complaints and a shrug, progressing at a very efficient pace.]

[Now, either you've been dragged into the clean up effort like him, in which case he offers you a friendly wave and a quick (but ominous) warning--]

I wouldn't step there. It's not all food stains.

[Or: you're not so cooperative, and the fuzz is looking to drag you away and fine you. In which case, Guy will speak up, despite the fact that he's a complete stranger]

--It's alright! This is a friend of mine. We were just about to start cleaning up.

[And hopefully that will be enough]
F -> Memory Tree;
[Guy's only barely paying attention to the tour. There's no fontech involved, so it's nothing to geek out over]

[Still, fake stories or not, it's a pretty impressive tree, so while the tour guides are spinning impressive tales (timshot), he leans back on the wood (which he shouldn't be doing!) and crosses his arms lazily. If anything, he'd like to climb from the outside and explore, but every single time he tries to sneak off he gets caught]

[So, he strikes up conversation (for the moment), instead, nodding over to you]

So. What kind of memories do you think are in this tree?
[Hit me with anything! Or leave me a blank comment if you want another prompt.]

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