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Velvet Crowe ([personal profile] artoriuuus) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-03-18 07:20 am (UTC)

D-1, spoilers may or may not happen

[Somehow, Velvet herself finds herself caught in this food fight of sorts, and while she normally doesn't have time for this and would avoid the heck out of it, Rokurou has made the dubious decision of throwing the said plate of spaghetti at Velvet, who doesn't quite get a faceful of food, but does get an armful of spaghetti stains and noodles hanging off her brand new gauntlet.

...Much to her chagrin, and if looks could kill, then Rokurou would've been dead ten times over. But all it does is cause the surrounding air to smell of burning fumes and sulfur, an uncomfortable heat emanating from Velvet as she grabs a nearby pie and approaches Rokurou.]

Well, here's what I have to offer.

[And with that, a fair few feet away, she throws the pie at Rokurou. With her daemon arm, still wrapped in bandages but nonetheless, is her daemon arm. Not waiting to see if it connects with Rokurou's face, she grabs another of the pies from one of the table, prepared to throw another pie in case it misses its mark.

And will be doing so again and again for the foreseeable future, unless of course Rokurou does or says something to change that.]

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