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Fran Madaraki | Franken Fran

[Prompt B: ST0310 Part A]

[Fran definitely doesn't look like someone ready to go adventuring and killing beasts, but she's managed to slide her way into the group anyhow... Probably without even asking anyone or anything, she just fucking showed up like she was always supposed to be here. She tilts her head from one side to the other, considering, and suddenly raises a hand to get attention]

I know we're supposed to be exterminating them, but... Would it be okay if we saved a couple? Preferably a breeding pair... I'd like to keep them to study. Besides, aren't they a little too cute to kill?

[This could be said about any of the creatures they're being sent to kill]

[Prompt B: ST0310 Part B: Warning for body horror/some gore but nothing terribly detailed]

[There's bound to be causalities and all on an expedition like this. Not everyone can come out alive every time, right? And some poor soul has been apparently torn limb from limb or something, if the random arm dragging itself towards the town again is any indication--

Wait what?

Yep, that sure is a slender arm dragging itself around. It pauses and the hand writes 'come quick. Bring thread' into the dirt and waits. Do you follow it??

If you do decide to follow the arm (or pick it up and carry it and let it point out the way to go, which is the quicker method honestly) you'll come across one Fran.

Well, what's left of Fran. Various body parts seem to be flung around the ground, but Fran is still sitting with her upper torso propped up against a tree, her head half-hanging off, but smiling cheerfully

Oh, good, someone came! Did you bring the thread? I have a needle but I ran out of the thread when I was sewing my head back on!

[This is fine.]

[Prompt D: Warning for more mild body/eye horror]

[Fran's really just trying to avoid being caught up in this herself, casually shoving bystanders in the way so they can be hit in her place. Dammit man, she's a doctor not a moving target!

Besides, her body's still recovering from her last adventure outside the city (probably the prompt mentioned above, honestly)!

Case in point, when she's suddenly violently jostled from behind, making her stumble forward and... her eyeball pops right out.
] Oops! Excuse me, excuse me...

[She claps a hand over the socket and is on hands and knees now, accidentally tripping people as she tries to track down the wayward eye. Maybe it's come to rest by your foot, maybe you're one of the people accidentally tripping over her as she crawls on the ground. Either way the eye has some good luck to avoid being stepped on this long]

Excuse me, please don't move so suddenly, I need to find it--! [She could always get a new one somewhere but, like, it's her eye thanks] It's going to get so dirty... [UGH!!]

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