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Rokurou Rangetsu | Tales of Berseria

Prompt B;

[have a rokurou. now have a rokurou staring at the task board, trying to figure out just what it is he would like to do.]

Hrmm.... [he was muttering to himself, really.] There's lots of people that need performers, and entertainers... huh...

[oh wow, here's one that made him laugh.] Haha! How strong is the dog really?! Can't be that bad. [he wouldn't do it, either way, dogs are a no-no for him. and cats. but whatever.]

Prompt D-1;

[alright, so the food and drink was an excellent starting point, that much he could agree on. it was the next part of the buffet that really got his blood pumping. suddenly an all out war started! and of course he wanted to be in the middle of that absolute tornado of chaos.

rokurou had ran to the other side of the market, now diving behind a table. immediately he had flipped it over in order to create a sort of blockade against the barrage of food that was coming his way. he peeked over the top, only to see something come right at his head. he ducked! luckily, and it was then he noticed a plate of tipped over spaghetti beside him. time to form 0 these guys!!]

If that's all you have to offer then you ain't gonna beat me that easily!

[he called over the table, to no one in particular really, and he grabbed that handful of spaghetti and once he looked over the table he threw it as hard as he could. will you get a face full of food? or will you come and join him behind his wonderful barricade?]

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