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Childlike Empress | Neverending Story

[Prompt B: A Grown Up Task] [AKA i made up a task for this]

I really am more than old enough, sir--

Ahah, aren't you cute? You want to play Grown Up?

Please stop patting my head, I'm not a child.

[Look, it's hard to get anyone to take you seriously when you look like a tiny waif of a child, and bearing a name/title like 'Childlike Empress' doesn't make things much better. Despite his asking for help around his store, he doesn't seem keen to letting Empress help. She looks baffled and mildly offended as the man puts some lollipops in her hands and shuffles her out the door again.]

I thought he wanted help?

[Prompt D.2: Food Fight Clean Up]

[She hadn't participated at all, but she had enjoyed staying off to the side and watching everyone else have fun with it. After everything's settled down, however, she's more than willing to lend a hand cleaning up!

Except she's really quite small, so it's proving a bigger task than it should be, but asking for help doesn't really cross her mind. There's a bunch of food items and fruit stuck up in some trees that'll just create more of a mess if let alone, so Empress has dutifully stacked some chairs and boxes and whatever else she could find to create a little ladder of sorts up to the branches so she could crawl up and clean up.

There are two options here: A catching her on her way up and trying to dissuade her from this, or B after she's up in a tree, her ladder falls away with a resounding crashing noise, leaving her rather, well. Stuck. Help. Send help.

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