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Elsa | Frozen

( prompt b. )
[ Elsa has never really worked a single day in her life, but that doesn't make her lose confidence. Everyday is a learning experience, and there's definitely a lot to be learned from taking upon a task from the board.

She eyes the tasks posted for the month, tapping her chin every so often as she wonders if it's a right fit for her. ]

Making flower crowns and modeling? It seems to pay well, too.

[ Someone please tell her about the repercussions…………. someone! ]

( prompt d. )
[ All Elsa wanted to do was check out the events happening in the market area. She certainly didn't expect to get caught in the middle of a food fight.

If encouraged—or rather, if her sister were around—she would take part in the food fight, as well. It just isn't in her to let loose like this. Food is important, and not to be wasted. It also isn't becoming of a queen to partake in such acts.

Instead of joining in, she tries to calm down the roughhousers. It isn't working so well, though. There's just too many people tossing food around! ]

Don't— [ hit that innocent person passing by! Buuuut… it seems she's too late. Hopefully you don't mind getting cake and icing all over your hair! ]

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