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Azura | Fire Emblem: Fates (Revelation)

Prompt D-2
[Azura might not have been involved in the food fight, but that doesn't mean she didn't somehow get wrapped up in the cleaning crew. Instead of her lance—which had been taken from her— she's holding a broom while standing in the middle of the mess, looking just slightly perturbed. If she was going to get stuck cleaning up a mess like this maybe she could have AT LEAST? Gotten the chance to participate? ...Hey, it could have been fun.

She turns to sweep up some muck, but a misstep lands one of her mostly bare feet slap in a pile of some kind of casserole. She exhales sharply and re-positions her steps. Gross. Even though her sudden shock and disgust seems to have kicked up a cold breeze around her, she does her best to focus and sweep up some of the muck. Eventually she turns to the nearest person with a dustpan and asks with her usual quiet tone]

Excuse me, would you mind helping me for a moment, if you don't have a cleaning partner already? [She's got quite a pile of food muck swept up together already. ...If they work together maybe they can leave sooner?]

Prompt E-1
Oh... I don't know about this. I think I'll have to pass... [It's the middle of a conversation that Azura seems to be having with one of the Polar Bear members. Listening in further, it sounds like whoever it is is trying very hard to convince Azura to participate in the actual swimming part of the event. Azura is standing at the edge of the lake rather hesitantly, but seems to be standing her ground despite how insistent the club member is being.]

I really am not interested, but thank you. [It's now that she catches sight of someone nearby and she turns to them] It seems like they're short a contestant, and I'm not really interested in participating, would you mi— [mid sentence, a particularly large, BEAR LIKE member rushes past Azura and your character, shoving the songstress strong enough to unbalance her and send her falling towards the icy water if no one steps in.

Either she falls in, or perhaps your character can help her before she takes an unwanted icy bath?]

Prompt F-3
[It seemed like a strange idea at first, but Azura isn't one to avoid something a little scary, considering she enjoys a good scary story herself. So despite not looking the part she was curious enough to join one of the tours. In particular, the Abandoned Buildings part of the tour seems the most rife for mischief.

Unfortunately for them, Azura didn't come alone, and somehow, one way or another they've wound up separated. It seems pretty innocent, but perhaps it was by design. Azura is anything but a malicious soul, so whoever she's currently planning to pop out and surprise, she must feel at least a little bit of fondness for them. She waits quietly, half crouched around a corner of a building, just behind a bush with a hand over her mouth. In the dark, her bright blue and white color scheme is probably harder to spot, so when her companion rounds the corner (looking for her, or aimlessly wandering) she pops out, hands splayed in the air playfully]

Boo! [listen, even Azura has her playful moments.]

[if none of these work, hit me with your own prompt!]

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