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Mamoru Chiba | Sailor Moon


[ Still getting used to things, Mamoru has taken comfort in a little book shop in the merchant's square that offers a wide variety of reads and studies-- some that he's never even seen before which, all things considered, isn't that unbelievable with being in an entirely different world of sorts.

Almost daily, he's taken to sitting under the clock tower in the center of the square and engrossing himself in whatever books he may find there; it's been something to do and has allowed him time to try and process everything here while reading up on whatever he can. Today, he's back at the shop-- fingers trailing along the spines of the books, hoping to maybe find something that might pique his interest and keep his mind off other things. But with fate being fate, or perhaps his own mind reaching out in silent attempts to seek something familiar, he comes across a book regarding stars and the sky with a full moon painted on the cover of the book.

Gently, fingers tap at the book's cover as he holds it within his hand and stares in silence to the full moon. There's a pull at him from within-- a longing and it's not one, not two, but three drops of water that pat against the book's cover suddenly. ]


[ With a glance up, Mamoru notices a gentle rain shower that has suddenly happened outside... but it's only surrounding the shop, the rain not touching any other part of the square.

It's the birds helping themselves to a bath in one of the puddles nearby, hopping and splashing about in it, that causes Mamoru to smile then. ]

Well, at least someone is enjoying the rain.


[ He's never seen such a mess in his life surrounding food... not even with the combined efforts of Usagi and Chibiusa in the kitchen and that could very well be saying a lot.

While not having been directly involved himself, he can't just leave such a mess to the vendors to clean up and so Mamoru offers to help in any way that he can. His task is to go around with a garbage bag and pick up any mess that's littering the ground. From cups, to plates, to utensils, to food cartons, he makes sure to grab every one that he comes across, tying the bag and dropping it with the others in the pile off to the side before he grabs another empty bag to start all over again.

A playful gust of wind hurries itself by and the cartons that Mamoru has collected in his hands fly out almost instantly. With a bit of a chase after them, he finally manages to catch them before they drift too far away on their next adventure, nearly bumping into someone as he does, an apologetic smile given. ]

Sorry! Looks like these guys are trying to make an escape.


[ Speaking of that clock tower, that's exactly where Mamoru is. Sitting beneath it with a book in one hand, chin in palm, eyes cast downwards to the page he has said book open to. The world seems to more or less slip away from him whenever he's like this-- engrossed in his books. But it's the sudden shadow that casts itself over his page that causes him to glance up and he's... gifted with a can of something.

He straightens up, eyes blinking and fingers turning the can around to the front so that he can read the label. ]

Maraschino cherries?

[ He knows what they are but to be gifted them out of the blue like this, which... said gifter has suddenly disappeared from the looks of it.

With a glance around, Mamoru turns to the first person that he happens to see nearby, book having fallen shut in his hand, and smiles as he holds the can up to show. ]

I'm sorry, I don't really have much use for these. Would you like them?


[ something different if you'd like. ]

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