raretalentindeed: (What's up there?)
Tinker Bell ([personal profile] raretalentindeed) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-03-18 04:02 am (UTC)


[At least the person he's sharing space with doesn't take up much room at all. But projectile foods are dreadfully dangerous for a pixie who could get taken out by a flying dinner roll.

But oh my! Whoever this is strikes Tinkerbell as very fascinating. She's seen people before, even tall people, but never anyone with ears quite that shape. It's taking every ounce of self-control she possesses not to reach out and touch them to satisfy her curiosity.

She flits back and forth, trying to take in everything she can, leaving a thin stream of pixie dust to flitter down in her wake.]

There's plenty of room here! I'm just staying where it's safe.

[Wasn't she not supposed to talk to people? Well too bad. Doing it.]

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