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Velvet Crowe | Tales of Berseria

C - Communication is key

[With the knowledge that these things allow people to communicate with others and that she doesn't have to show her face, Velvet is merely projecting her thoughts to the network.]

I'm looking for information on the city of Shaarnath. Anything you can tell me about it from the monsters outside the walls to what life is like down there, how our emotions have an effect on the world in comparison to being in this place. What, exactly, would it be like for someone to live down there instead of in Verens?

[That's it. That's the message.]

D2 - If you want it done right, do it yourself

[The minute food had started flying, Velvet immediately moved so that she wouldn't end up splattered with it. Trying to get food out of her hair was an absolute nightmare. However, she hadn't gotten away fast enough and now there was a broom shoved into her hands. An eyebrow rose at the vendor and it was exactly the sort of thing that she would typically avoid if not for...]

You, get out of the way. I'll do it myself. [Velvet is now pointing her broom at someone attempting to clean up this particular mess. From her particular spot she could easily see how they were missing a spot and is moving in to make sure it gets done properly.] If you miss a spot, you'll attract all sorts of animals. Eventually the food will rot and start to smell. You have to clean it right the first time or you'll regret it later.

F3 - It's all an act, right?

[Honestly, there wasn't much here that would frighten this particular woman so she doesn't bother trying to "brave" her way through it and instead ends up as a volunteer to do the scaring. Something she could do easily enough. While she avoids the smellier option of being in the sewer, Velvet does move through the abandoned buildings - the alleyways. There's a chill in the air and there's something drifting through the air that one may mistake for snow but is more along the lines of ash without the mess.

She can't be seen as of yet but there comes the sound of something scraping along a wall. One will clearly be able see where a large set of claw marks have been dug deeply into the various structures and in the streets. A freezing wind sweeps through the alley and urge the participates onward until they reach a crossroad. Out in front of them steps Velvet. She's positioned so that she's blocking the way forward along with the left path which leaves only one road to continue onward.]

This part of the city belongs to the Lord of Calamity. Those who dare trespass are forfeiting their lives. [The cold wind picks up and her hair along with her coat flutter but she doesn't doesn't look effected even though she's not wearing much. Velvet raises her left hand to reveal the entire arm is bandaged, more ash-like sweeps in and block her from view for a mere moment. Looking back that left arm has transformed and now appears huge - red and black with sharp claws. The arm is raised and clenched into a fist, her gold eyes narrow as she glares at the participates over it.]

Have you come to be consumed?

[Now that arm is extended, not touching, but deadly claws are pointed towards the participant.]


[OOC: Wildcard me!]

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