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Oswald Baskerville | Duke Glen Baskerville ([personal profile] redstainedking) wrote in [community profile] empatheias_ooc 2017-03-18 02:56 am (UTC)

Oswald Baskerville | Pandora Hearts


[Soft spoken, a few shadows gathering at Oswald's feet as he watched them for a moment, gaze tracing the outline of large wings fidgeting underfoot. Head tilted to one side, curious as a few black feathers popped into existence. Fondness was there, causing a few of those black feathers to tint red near the tips.

Yet what he had spoken to was another winged creature, perched on his shoulder, trying the snatch a bit of popcorn from between his fingers. A box of it in his other hand]

This isn't for you. [A displeased croak from the raven, beak clicking, even as it tried again. Still, there was a faint smile at the bird that decided he'd be a proper perch, temporary companion that it might have been.]

[There was a slowly building pile of maraschino cherries being placed on a plate, picked from some sort of monstrous dessert that had been placed on the café table in front of Oswald. Carefully plucked as he was trying not to make something of a face.

Reminded him too much of something else, he'd even tried one and. No. No. Not going to eat those, they could go there and... well.]

... What am I going to do with these...?

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