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Elize Lutus | Tales of Xillia II

[ Get me out of here; Prompt D-1 ]
{It wasn't long until Elize came back (once again), but once she found out the Flower Festival was around the corner, she couldn't help but get excited. She'd always been a fan of these festivals, but the Flower Festival was especially fun. She enjoyed all of the activities going on and all of the different kinds of food they could find there, which really helped when she was trying to get her bearings again. Having that familiar event go on again helped with evening out all the differences there were by now.

She was just enjoying some of the food that was set up when a plate of food came her way, hitting her back before falling to the floor. It happened so fast that she didn't know how to react.

Hey! That was rude! {That doesn't stop her from throwing food back though. Too bad the person she was aiming for ducked behind someone else as a shield. She instantly felt bad.}

Oh no! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean.... Are you okay? {Already looking for something to help clean up the mess she made. Unless, you know, they decided to retaliate.}

[ Grounded right after she got back; Prompt D-2 ]
{Well, as much as she shouldn't admit to, she actually had a lot of fun after getting past the fact that someone threw food at her and she was now caked with food. She definitely needed to clean up after this, but not before getting caught red handed with food in her hand.

She had just recently come back and he was -- no doubt -- going to be grounded already. Great. That's not exactly the best welcome home gift to receive. It was only a matter of time until Alvin and Presa found out about this. Still, even knowing this, she knew she'd better help clean up. For one, she wasn't going to get away and two, she didn't feel right about partaking and not taking responsibility for her actions; she was slowly getting more mature. So with all the excitement dying down, she was going around helping the others who got stuck cleaning with their duties.

I'm sorry to get you into this mess... {Even if it wasn't her fault directly.}

[ Somebody help this poor girl; Prompt F ]
{She may have been a bit older than when she first met the others, but she was just as naive in many ways. Case in point, being forced to join in these ghost tours did not help her well being. And they had to drag her to a creepy looking abandoned building to boot. This house seems to have seen better days and as much as she tried to talk her way out of this creepy old place, there she was standing in an old abandoned house, said to be haunted.

People could tell her that ghosts weren't real, but what was that eerie feeling that someone -- besides those with her -- was watching her? Okay, okay... As long as the others were still with her, she would be okay.

Wait... Why was she all alone? Did she get left behind?

H-Hello!? Is anyone there?!

{Her emotions didn't help when they just made the eerie sounds and sights that much more exaggerated. Aside from the normal sounds, she'd occasionally hear the creaking of the wooden floors as if someone was walking around. It could be the others.... or it might be something else, but she decided her best bet was to follow the sound in hopes that it was some of the people she'd come in with.

Wielding her staff, just in case, she inched down the house hallways hesitantly. That's when she heard the creaking get louder.

I-Is somebody there? Please come out!

{But there was no answer, just louder creaking until she started smacking whatever was coming her way. She'll apologize once she realize it was just another person roaming around. Please forgive her for wildly swinging her staff around.}

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