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Mod Announcement: February


This month is going to be a little more chill compared to last month, with most of it dealing with follow-up's. But there are a few player plots and minor group adventure possibilities being made available!


The main calendar spreadsheet is here as reference.

Here are the basic dates to keep up with:

  • 2/01: Canon and Original Character Applications open.
  • 2/04: Applications close; Reservations close; Intro log posted.
  • 2/05-06: All applications should be processed by the end of this period.
  • 2/15: Test Drive.
  • 2/22: Activity Check starts; Reservations open.
  • 2/28: Activity Check ends.
  • 3/01: Applications open.

Everyone has given up and is just enjoying the warm weather. Spring is around the corner so why not.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the game does NOT have a canon Valentine's Day. Zephyras kind of fills that niche. However, players in the past have thrown their own Valentine's Day celebration, and that's definitely allowed!


Below are the following who were either removed from the Activity Check or dropped out of the game. The list includes all characters who left the game throughout the month. The following names will also be posted in a visible place within the residential area where most of the characters are residing. This list reflects the names that are also on the wall.

Adrien "Chat Noir" Agreste | [personal profile] chataclysme
Alphonse Elric | [personal profile] unerasable
Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune [personal profile] fistsofjustice
Angela "Mercy" Ziegler | [personal profile] cadeuces
Anise Tatlin | [personal profile] lastguard
Apollo Justice | [personal profile] justchords
Barry Allen | [personal profile] griefedlightning
Colette Brunel | [personal profile] clumsyjesus
Giorno Giovanna | [personal profile] digiorno
Hak | [personal profile] honorarydragon
Howzer | [personal profile] whirlrock
Lalli Hotakainen | [personal profile] lalliho
Pepper Potts | [personal profile] norabbits
Seymour Guado | [personal profile] sinsrequiem
Sonia Nevermind | [personal profile] properprincess
Tear Grants | [personal profile] mystearical
Thereth | [personal profile] unholy_rebirth

The following received strikes and must pass this month's Activity Check to remain in the game.

[personal profile] la_sombra

If there are any mistakes, please let us know ASAP!


The Task Board has been updated so characters can start taking on odd jobs if they are so inclined. Details as to how the Task Board works and sign-up can be found here. In addition, there is a Job List sheet that list out more permanent jobs available for characters. These are different from the Task Board jobs as they can be used as part-time or full-time jobs and do not have any specific time period. If you want your character to have a job, that's it. This is also where we will list character run businesses. So if you have one or are thinking about one, there will be a place where it can be referenced and looked at. You can even make tasks relating to your business.

The location of each task is determined by the colors they're labeled with. So, Blue = Verens; Yellow = Shaarnath; Pink = Theastai; Purple = Excursions; Red = Plot.

IMPORTANT! There are a few tasks on here that are worth mentioning.

  • The three trips posted here are now being organized on the Task Board to make it a little easier. Because of the change dates will be farther out, but details will be provided for the groups.

  • The candles from Selenium are definitely making a return and continuing to be a bit of a problem.

  • The pieces found from the excursion are going to organized via Task Board and will have its own set log.

  • The crystal petals are also being handled via the Task Board.

So if you'd be interested in any of those, be sure to check out the Board!

As always, we highly encourage anyone to fill out task ideas. (Or if someone is actually crazy and willing to help be our task board generator, we will gladly hire you.)


The Emotion Tracker has been updated with new sheets. If you forgot, you can still submit to the tracker and just have it count toward this month. This includes any events that occurred.

As you can see, we are now officially adopting the new survey form. This month's survey link is here

We're coasting along in the green still, but the excursion took some massive negative hits to bring down what could have been a higher score.

Anyone who is interested in the fancy-schmancy breakdown of points can find it here—but don't worry too much about it if numbers aren't your thing. It's been updated to include the new year, so it'll be interesting to see how things look!


All right, as promised we have officially implemented the regain system into the game. Because it involves complete crystals, we have added it to that particular system. But we went ahead and made a new entry for all of that anyway, so you can read all the details here.

All the rules and guidelines are there, but here it is again for a quick overview and some clarification/commentary:

  • 1 crystal = 1 item. Pretty self-explanatory.

  • 2+ crystals for more powerful and larger items. Basically if you want something big or powerful, it's going to require more of it. This is our way to make sure things still remain balanced and require effort on the character's part.

  • Must have ownership. All items must be owned by the character and not in someone else's possession. Otherwise we'll get weird duplicates issues. It also means that a character can't regain something for another person.

  • "Group" regains. We do have a an exception, but it only works if everyone in the involved group has some kind of ownership on the item. If they do, then characters can pool crystals together to meet requirements instead of waiting one person to develop multiple crystals.

    Items must be "portable." Either can hold it, push it, or can move on its own, it just has to be able to travel somehow. Thus no houses, buildings, or other huge stationary objects. Some items may also be on a case-by-case basis.

    Standard nerfs apply. Basically any item will need to be nerfed or modify to fit into the game setting, as if it had been brought in upon application.

    Arehtei involvement. Arehtei will be required for the regain, but actual threading won't be mandatory. It's possible to just hash it out in the scheduling page and kind of handwave it that way. As to how the Arehtei will produce the item, well. We'll leave that as a surprise.

    Crystal consumed. Crystals will be consumed for regain use, which means it will disappear and cannot be returned. Regained items also can't be returned back to the world.

And of course we have final discretion as to whether an item can be brought into the game. Most likely we'll approve, and this includes any items being brought in solely for plot purposes. But that's something we will discuss with the players as it happens.

To make this officially in-game, we need at least three volunteers, preferably someone who has at least 2-3 crystals on their character. After the initial discovery has happened, it won't matter.


As mentioned at the top of the announcement, this is going to be a pretty chill month with no heavy plots/events at least from our side. But as hinted on the Task Board, there are a few interesting things that still need to be done. In particular, piecing together the puzzle and dealing with the crystal petals.

While it would be fun to have characters involved in the puzzle, we are going to move things along. You are free to assume that your character was involved in working and studying the pieces, but we'll forego actual threading. So instead, expect a "results" post sometime within the next week.

Which brings us to remind again for everyone who was part of that excursion to comment to the trackers. Threads can still be ongoing, but if you at least know the outcome please do so!

As for the Tree of Memories itself, the crystallization process from before has slowed, but it is continuing. Just at a very slow creep. Currently it's mostly affecting the petals, connecting tips of branches, and the roots and trunk of the tree.


That's it for now! If you have any questions, concerns, or want things clarified, please comment to this entry.

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