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Welcome to [community profile] empatheias' test drive meme. This test drive is to help interested players test their characters in the game's environment. We've included a few prompts that incorporate specific elements of the game, though you'll find all of them have a lot of leeway for players to get as creative as necessary. Before diving in, here are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about the game in general:

  • Date reminders. Reserves open Monday, July 25 and Applications (Canon | OC) open Sunday, August 1st.

  • OC Reminder! Just a quick reminder that original characters are currently allowed. Those interested can also use the test drive. OCs do not need to be reserved.

  • Emotions are key! Empatheias' premise focuses on how anyone's emotions can affect their environment, be it big or small. While not every emotion will cause a reaction, significant ones definitely will. How much effect a character will have will ultimately be up to you, the player. Also, while we're giving a lot of leeway for the test drive, keep in mind that there will be some limits in the actual game.

  • Everyone has an amulet. All characters have a unique amulet that is specialized for them. It will contain all of their emotion drops and it serves as the network device. Remember, communication is telepathic. Otherwise, it works basically the same.

  • Assume the character is already in the game. Because "OMG WHERE AM I IS THIS REAL LIFE" threads aren't going to be very helpful in this test drive! Plus those are going to happen in-game, anyway. So to make things easier, just assume that they've been around at least a week or so. Still learning the ropes, but not a complete "first day" experience.

  • First or third person allowed. Your threads can be in either first or third, but we'd advise being flexible about it. Remember, these threads can also be used in your application for samples! Reminder: We only require one sample and it can be done in either format. We have also made a change to our sample requirements, so look over the Applications page!

Now with that out of the way, here are some prompts you guys can work from!


• Prompt A: How about giving the emotions a try?

• Prompt B: Refer to the Task Board and choose a task your character may be interested in taking up. For this prompt, you could have your character ask for help, already be in the middle of the job, or react to it in some way. Perhaps they were an unfortunate victim or want to create a job countering an existing one. You could even have a prompt making a job request. Creating jobs for the purpose of the test drive is absolutely doable.

• Prompt C: How about giving the amulets a go? Start a telepathic conversation and see how it works. Remember, the amulets are sending out the owner's thoughts so might want to be careful about how the stream of consciousness goes...

• Prompt D: EVENT SPECIAL. Feel free to check out Light of Helisium beach party and use the prompts from there! It ranges from standard fare beach fun to the major highlight of the year: Verenthian Warrior. It's like the extreme Ninja Warrior obstacle course but with a twist. There are also giant crabs that may or may not be set loose. Alternatively, maybe you'd prefer the masquerade side of things. A chance to pretend to be someone you're not and perhaps find romance.

• Prompt E: IT'S A BUNNY INVASION! Driven out by the gophers that have swarmed the fields, the bunnies have turned toward the city for food. And as luck would have it, many of the farmers are also transporting their crop to the city storehouses for safekeeping due to aforementioned gopher problem. One of the wagons carrying large crates full of carrots and lettuce has turned over, and those bunnies are just swarming all over the place. Oh, but you can't kill them. The Wildlife Society is encouraging more humane methods. They are: crates made out of cushions, pillow traps, carrot costumes to act as bait, and a special ocarina that is said to help attract the rabbits. The ocarina may or may not help depending on the tune played and may actually make them angrier.

• Prompt F: There's a new popular game in town where two people work together to get through a specially designed maze. One person goes through the maze while the other is standing on a platform above, using telepathy to give directions. The catch? The maze is completely dark and the one going through it only has floating ball of light to help illuminate their path. The one giving directions has a clear view at least, so it's up to them to get their partner out. What makes the maze "fun" is that there are various "traps" and obstacles in the maze. Nice partners will help their friend avoid them. The trolls, however... Well if they'd like to see their partner get splashed with paint, hit with pillows, or have random costumed "creatures" pop out to scare the crap out of them, that's an option, too.

• Prompt G: Make your own! It could include fake explosives and/or jars of hot wax.

For your threads, put the Character Name and the Canon in the subject line to help readily identify them. You're also welcome to use more than one prompt for respondents to choose from. If you have any questions or want to brush up on the game information, refer to the Game Information entry. Otherwise, tag around and have fun!
stellarimagination: (How embarrassing!)

Bastion the Ornithologist. Dweet Dweet Dweet!

[personal profile] stellarimagination 2016-08-01 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
Alright, let's analyze what we're up against here. Two paths at the start... Are those pillows?

[They're strewn across the floor like it's someone's slumber party. Seems harmless at a glance, but there's something underneath each pillow that Winston can't quite make out from his perch.]

Hmm, the other path seems clear - except maybe whatever's flushed against that wall. [Maybe a poster? Curse being a nearsighted gorilla!!] Be careful Tracer!
pulsepistols: (They really drive you insane)

Spends match imitating bird calls. Still manages PoTG.

[personal profile] pulsepistols 2016-08-03 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[The ball of light following her around offers her just enough light to be able to spy a few pillows down the first path. If that's the only obstacle then wow, alright then. The second path looks totally clear as far as she can see, but she won't take Winston's assessment for granted.]

Roger, careful it is! Think I've got a plan for how to handle this. Let me know what you think!

[Not that she's going to explain her plan, heavens no. Tracer snags one of those pillows from the ground and tosses it down the second pathway. Look at how careful she's being, sending a pillow to fall into a trap rather than herself!

... Sure she could just go in herself and recall if it got bad, but hey, she truly values Winston's advice on this. Why doubt the scientist?]
stellarimagination: (Someone has to do something about this!)

Little did we know Ganymede was telling him hints on where to go in turret mode.

[personal profile] stellarimagination 2016-08-08 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
[Booooo!~, a childlike voice pipes up from the second path. It seems to be coming from a cardboard ghost that sprang out the moment Tracer tossed the pillow at it.

- But that's not the only thing. Those pillows in the second hall? There's the distinct ringing of metal coming unlatched and then, like dominoes: the hallway of pillows snaps to life like a bunch of mousetraps being triggered in quick succession. Pillows fly in every direction, and everything they come in contact with is punctuated by a soft paff sound and a flurry of fluffy feathers.]

What on earth?! What kind of maze is this?! Erm- are you alright?!
Edited 2016-08-08 04:45 (UTC)
pulsepistols: (Suitcases of memories)

That little birdy bastard. Birdhacks are a bannable offense.

[personal profile] pulsepistols 2016-08-12 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
[OH GOD THAT GHOST IS TERRIFYING JUMPSCARES AAAH-- No okay it's honestly a bit naff. Maybe two points overall because it's kind of cute. None for effort.

And then there's this wave of snapping pillows and there are feathers and- Oh heck where's the light gone. It's just all feathers now. Time to get a little breathing room.

There is the all too telltale sound of Tracer blinking her way to safety, whooshing away from the pillows and down path number one past the cardboard ghost. The orb quickly flies after her, letting her see something that isn't feathers, feathers and more feathers at last.]

Well, that just happened. Looks like we're dealing with the sort of maze you get in a fun house. [But oh, right, he's worrying.] No worries Winston, I'm still in the game! A few pillows and cardboard cutouts won't stop me.
stellarimagination: (Curious)

... And now I'm sad I'M SO SORRY BASTION.

[personal profile] stellarimagination 2016-08-19 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
[Fussing over others is what he does best though! His empathy is part of what makes him Overwatch. Other times, his worries can be a little too much though; especially in a place like this where they can create literal friction in the air. It makes him fluff up just a little bit more.]

You're right. Ha- we've certainly solved scarier problems than cardboard ghosts. It actually kind of looks like a monster from a video game.

[He exhales. She's Fine. It's fine. The feathers are settling, so now he can get a better look.]

I see two, no- three doors further down your path. Someone made spiderwebs out of ropes in that path. There's water in the second, and the third-

[He stops narrating, but Oh no. -They didn't- still passes through his thoughts.] the third has ... banana peels.
pulsepistols: (It's just a jump to the left)


[personal profile] pulsepistols 2016-08-31 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Video games have better graphics than this. [CARDBOARD GHOST COME ON.] Now let's decide one which one to go for...

[By which she means "Let's pick door three right now" because really, banana peels. Easy to blink over, a quick way to tease Winston, whats not to love.]

Time's up! I'm taking door number three. Not too keen on the ropes or the water, wouldn't want to get my accelerator wet. [Sure Winston could dry it out for her properly afterwards, but she doesn't want to throw that on him.] If you were in my shoes loves, which door would you pick?

[Everything about her voice suggests she knows and expects him to say door three. For obvious reasons. Do you take the banana peel shaped bait Winston?]