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kaze | fire emblem: fates (birthright)

Verenthian Warrior

[ finally, kaze has found something he is undoubtedly good at. running through rolling tumblers, dodging streams of water and foam while suspended above the lake all pale in comparison to the training he and his fellow ninja have subjected themselves to since they were children.

he is, as expected, completely confident in his abilities. but despite that, he still sends a warm smile to his opponent — genuine, though one could easily perceive that, as well as his tone as mocking if they don't know him well. ]

Good luck. [ and off he goes. at some point, he seemingly vanishes and reappears at the end of one of the platforms. cheating? no, just stupidly fast. ninjas, man. ]

[ were this a life or death situation, kaze probably wouldn't be so picky. as it stands though, he has time to weigh his options as he glances around the potential candidates for this partnership. he needs someone he can trust, someone that might have enough skill to counter his own abilities.

whether or not that someone is actually right for the job or not, he won't know until they're in the fray. so he approaches someone (you?!?!?) and asks: ]

Excuse me. Would you care for a partner in the next round? Assuming you do not have one already, of course.


[ things you don't learn during ninja training: how to play the ocarina.

things that make hungry bunnies angry in veren's: a ninja that doesn't know how to play the ocarina.

kaze's not sure why he tried this method. really, he could have just grabbed the rabbits with his bare hands and carted them off to wherever the hell they needed to go. but someone probably suggested it, he took the bait and, well, here we are now with him being accosted by angry rabbits because he can't play a tune to save his life.

he can't hurt them, wouldn't even if he wanted to, so he's left to just hiss in pain when one of them nips him with its sharp bunny teeth. please help there are so many; biting his ankles and fingers to the point that even kaze's seemingly endless patience is being tested. the area around him grows hot with his increasing frustation - hotter than it already is in the city - and it does nothing to ease the onslaught. ]

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