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[Roxas has a lot of melancholy feelings towards the beach, which is probably why the sand around his feet is a little more akin to mud than anything else. It brings up memories of Destiny Islands, and of friends from Verens who are now gone. But he's come here on a mission, and if nothing else, he'll complete it.

The mission ins question requires collecting shells and cool looking stones. He's not sure what exactly he's going to do with them, but them might wind up as decorations for his kitchen or gifts for Elize. Feeling he has enough, Roxas starts to head back, if only so that he can get to a surface where it's easier to walk. At least until he catches a familiar shock of red hair. He shakes his head, figuring it must just be a trick of the sun. But with trepidation, he has to go and check.

It's a bit hard to be surreptitious when you've got a rattly bucket of shells and rocks.]

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