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ochako uraraka | my hero academia


[ Uraraka knew that emotions were king around here, but so far she hadn't experienced anything quite so intense as to induce a strong emotional reaction.

After perusing the food stands, she's decided to try something that looks distinctly like raspberry cheesecake. Growing up where she did, she never had the chance to try anything so luxurious, so try as she might, she can't really help herself now.

Holy. Cannoli. It's love at first bite. The feeling blossoms in her chest and runs up to the tips of her ears -- is it even possible for something to be this good? It's as if she's floating...

Wo~ow! This is amazing!

[ ...and she is floating, apparently. She's only an inch or two off the ground, and she doesn't particularly notice, but she is most definitely not on the earth anymore. She may or may not stay like this until someone points it out to her. ]


[ When Uraraka spots the swarm of bunnies quickly descending upon the produce, she quickly decides she's the best person for the job, all things considered.

She admittedly feels a little bad having to round them all up because they're just so darn cute, so she spends a solid minute cooing over them before getting down to business. Which turns into two minutes. Which turns into three.

She shakes her head vigorously and takes a step back. Get a hold of yourself, Ochako!

Deciding that this would be significantly easier with two people instead of one, she thrusts a crate to the lucky person nearest to her ( -- that's you! -- ) and puts on her best beseeching expression, which...isn't very good.

Hey! Got a minute? Would you mind helping me out with these guys?

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