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Welcome to our OOC community! This is where we post our mod announcements and where players can give introductions, say goodbyes, and post up plots. Refer to the above links and following tags.

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1. Post a comment. (Either one per character or listing the characters you play)
2. Other people will reply to your comment with the appropriate hearts!
3. Make sure to hover over your hearts! People can customize the commentary.
4. Comment to other people with hearts ♥

wanna make your own hearts meme/quickly form answers? here's a generator!

hearts under the cut! )
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taken from [personal profile] depicted at [community profile] eachdraidh

Icons and written text don't always give a clear impression of a character. That's what this meme is for! Describe what your character is like in person. What is their body type? Do they have any distinctive markings? Do they have an accent or unique kind of voice? Any interesting type of body language? This is especially great for any things that have changed since their arrival! And you can link your comment in your Emp profile later, too.

Basically, share anything that you feel other characters would notice about yours if they ran into them in the street.

Order of operations:
i. Fill out this textarea

ii. Comment to this post! Also, feel free to fiddle with the colour of the comments subject headings. Colour code your character!
iii. Read the comments of others.
iv. Get clarifications! Talk about how this affects your cr! Compare cool scars and recommend tailors to one another!

Need steampunk fashion resources? Check this site! Thank you Mako for the rec.
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It's been a while since we had a love meme, apparently, and when's a better time to have one than the month of hearts? Plus, show the newbies some love!

♥ Post a comment with your name and the characters you play.
♥ Comment to others! Show your love (and appreciation, and joy, and courage, and...)! For a player, a thread, a tag, an icon, a friend, whatever your heart desires. Elios is watching!
♥ Have fun!
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Since Christmas/Holiday time is here for characters, in a way to make it nice and simple here's how this meme works:

1. Post a header of your character
2. Character's CR responds
3. Reply with what they got them for Christmas (if anything)
4. ????
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1. Post a comment. (Either one per character or listing the characters you play)
2. Other people will reply to your comment with the appropriate hearts!
3. Make sure to hover over your hearts! People can customize the commentary.
4. Comment to other people with hearts ♥


get the code for the meme!

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All right guys, since we can't do this in-game, we shall have an OOC meme for it instead! Nothing will carry over into the game, so just have fun with it. Here's how it works:

• You are stuck under a random mistletoe.
• There is a note on said mistletoe.
• Whoever comes within range will be pulled under the mistletoe and also be stuck.
• Now you both have to do what the note says to get unstuck.
• EMOTIONS ARE STILL IN EFFECT so have fun with that.

The "orders" range from cordial to making out, so state your preferences. Feel free to mix and match them, too. Here are your options:

1. Hug. Easy enough. Can be a simple hug or a giant bear hug.
2. Kiss on the cheek. For those who might be a little shier.
3. Kiss on the hand. For those who want to be...well whatever kissing on the hand invokes. Charming? Dashing?
4. Kiss on the lips. 1-2-3 KISS. This is the tame version of the next one.
5. Make-out for five minutes. As described on the tin.

Blatantly copied over from last year. Have fun!
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🍂 Feel free to make header comments as you see fit!
🍂 All posts are IC, however this entire post is not considered game canon.
🍂  As a reminder: IC wank is fine, OOC wank is not. This is not the place to be a dick oocly. Be as rude as you want ICly, that's the point.
🍂 Most importantly, Have fun!


Oct. 12th, 2016 07:25 pm
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It's that time again Empatheias, and boy it's been a minute since we had a CR meme! We pretty much all know how these work, but in case you don't simply fill out the form in the textarea below for your characters, slap your characters name(s) in the subject line, and comment around! Gifs are optional but the cake question is the most dire. As a matter of courtesy make sure any gifs you post aren't too big, and if you have more than one character either use one comment for all of your characters OR use one top level and sub-levels for each character you have!

Your Name:
Preferred Contact:

Character Name:
Arehtei Alignment:
Brief Personality: (this doesn't have to be long, list some of the more interesting character personality traits that set them apart from the crowd!)
Interests: (What are they most likely to be found doing? Hobbies are a good start. What are their feelings on cake?)
World Type: (What's their world like? Again, you don't have to write a novel here! Is it a modern world, futuristic, something more fantasy or perhaps even vaguely steampunk or even post apocalyptic? Are there other unique parts about the world? Does everyone have glowing skin or innate magical abilities?)

Current Developments: (What's your character going through right now? What's gone on in recent past? What are they doing in their day to day life? Are they looking for a job or are they currently in the middle of planning an expedition?)
Slice of Life or ADVENTURE: (Empatheias is a good mix of both, and it's not always an either or thing. What kinds of thing are you interested in doing with this character? Are they the type to be happy developing a life in Empatheias or has the wanderlust set in? Are they more likely to be involved in the overarching plot and exploration? Do they want to go exploring?)
What about Emotions?: (What kind of emotions are you wanting your character to work through, for good or for bad. Or maybe your character is interested in focusing their emotional power into Dunamis?)
Future Developments: (Where are you wanting to take your character going forward? This could be serious character development, or general slice of life developments! Are they going to pack up and become a nomadic wanderer and explore the world or maybe you want to get them more involved in something else.)
Dream CR: (In a perfect world with ideal candidates, that is.)
Shipping/Romance: (let's face it, ship happens. in a general sense are your characters interested in romance? something permanent, or a fling or two maybe? Even unrequited love is something that can be fun to play out!)
Something Handwaved: (Not everything needs to or can be threaded out. Maybe you're interested in setting up some CR that's going on behind the bigger scenes and sets that we thread out! Listing what you're interested in or looking for here might prompt some interesting CR that you can then build off of more actively!)
Not Interested In / Avoiding: (If there's anything you're looking to avoid, list it here! Negative CR, violence, anything too slice of life, etc. the more information you give, the better!)

Anything Else: (gifs are fine too.)

Copy Paste and Get Going!:


Aug. 29th, 2016 08:24 pm
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art source: here

The seven surviving Arehtei are reunited, the future is bright and uncertain, and it's been like ten months since the last one - what better time could there be to spread a little OOC positivity around too?

♥ Post a comment with your name and the characters you play.
♥ Comment to others! Show your love (and appreciation, and joy, and courage, and...)! For a player, a thread, a tag, an icon, a friend, whatever your heart desires. Elios is watching!
♥ Have fun!
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ATP Meme

Hey guys! There's a new ATP happening at [personal profile] enablemeplz this weekend, but there's also the [ profile] rpmostwanted that actually put up a plurk for us. Plus Reserves are open with Applications opening soon, so perfect timing!

We'll make a general ATP ad for the game, but if anyone would like specific canons and castmates mentioned, fill out this form and comment to this post! This is a great opportunity to try and enable anyone within the game or someone already eying the game to join in. This will also help players keep an eye out for ads placed for other characters and throw in a word if they see someone.

In addition, this isn't limited to just casts already represented in the game. If there's a canon you think would fit well here or would like to see, go ahead and mention that as well.

The form itself is pretty straightforward. Just mention who you play, who you want, and try to sell it!

Castmates are free to piggyback on a thread, make a separate comment, or group together to form one comment for their cast.
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1. Post a blank comment with your character's name.
2. Reply to others with the hearts representing how your character feels about theirs. This can be IC or OOC!
3. Customise the text! This is a mobile-friendly version of the hearts meme, so it's plain text instead of hovertext.
4. Respond to the hearts your character receives, also either IC or OOC.
5. Have fun, Empanadas!

Copypasta under here! )

Code taken from [community profile] snowblindmemes!
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The game is getting pretty huge, and it's plot-heavy to boot. There's plenty of opportunity to meet other characters in the event or mingle logs, but what about the rest of the time? Surely there are characters who trip over each other once a week just because they visit the same grocery store, or characters who haunt the same places because they have the same hobbies. So, here are some questions to help you sort out what we're all up to when there aren't any giant mythical beings attempting to stomp the city flat, and how our characters might be attracting one another's attention from day to day. It may be that some of us need only a little push to fall into each other's fictional pretendy funtime arms.

With thanks to the Luceti Daily Meme that I blatantly stole and altered!

HMD: May

May. 14th, 2016 02:08 pm
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All right guys, time fora nother gamewide HMD. Exact same as last time, so here are a few things you should know as well as the rules and guidelines to how to participate in this HMD.

  • Optional. This is not a mandatory HMD. You do not have to participate, however we highly encourage those who have questions or want tips to comment.
  • Public + Optional Anon + IP Logging On. This is open to the public, so those outside of the game can give critique. There is no requirement to join the community. Anonymous commenting is turned on however IP logging remains on and players can say whether they want anonymous comments or not. If a player has requested only logged-in critique, please respect their wishes. Not everyone is comfortable with anonymous.
  • Those giving crit: be polite and constructive. This HMD is to help players improve their playing and thereby improve the experience of everyone. It is also to help players point out things that might be questionable. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for it, and sometimes it's a misinterpretation or clear mistake. Regardless, your crit should be helping the other player see their mistake and/or offer ways to help improve. You can be frank, you can be blunt, but you should not be disrespectful. Crit can be a hard pill to swallow, and while you shouldn't have to sugarcoat it, you can try to make it more palatable. In addition, try to provide actual examples of what you're talking about. It will help facilitate the discussion and give a better idea of your point.
  • Those receiving crit: be open-minded and receptive. Receiving critique can be very difficult, but if you're participating in this HMD, then that must mean you are prepared for that possibility. If you receive critique that doesn't make sense, do not be defensive. Instead ask questions and try to clear up misunderstandings. In addition, be open to what people have to say. Sometimes we have blinders on when playing our characters and may not see problems that others do. Be willing to compromise as well. Maybe you don't agree with everything that is said, but there could be helpful nuggets in there. If there are things you are specifically worried about, you should include it in your comment. This could help others help you.
  • Going Anon. If a player has opted for anonymous critique, it should be written no different than if you were giving it while logged in. All of the above rules apply. Basically think of it this way: if you wouldn't say it while logged in, then don't say it anon. The only real reason to allow anonymous here is to help those who want to give meaningful crit, but are shy or afraid for whatever reason. It is not to be abused.
  • Monitoring. We will be monitoring this post, and if any harassment is found, it will be immediately screened and frozen. Any repeat offenders will be banned. Any anonymous abuse will result in anonymous turned off. If there is anything to report, contact us.

If you understand how this HMD works, fill out the appropriate form and comment to this post. The questions should help players have some structure and formulate how and what to write what they want.

Personal HMD? If you have a personal HMD, you can link to that as well.
Anon allowed? Yes or No
Concerns: Any concerns you have that you'd like others to try and help you with. Is there something about your characterization that you feel off? Do you wish to improve your writing? Do you need tips how to be more engaging?
Anything else: Anything else you'd like to mention, such as any notes about the character or canon material that you feel others should be aware of. For example, if your character is from one version and not another and how that might affect characterization.

The mod/game critique thread can be found here.
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— Empatheias Heart Meme —

1. Post a blank comment with your character
2. Other people will reply to your comment with the appropriate hearts!
3. You can customize the commentary.

Lookit these hearts man )

Heart codes taken from [community profile] snowblindmemes!
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Otherworlders of Empatheias! Have you ever just wanted to tell someone flat-out what you think of them as a person? Does your roommate have this one quirk that drives you up the wall, like dripping apathy all over the kitchen sink? Sometimes all it takes to be the best person you can be is a dose of self-awareness, sometimes what it takes instead is a cluebat to the head... and sometimes they just have a stupid name you can never quite spell right.

For all this and more, have I got the meme for you!


  1. Post a header with your character's name.
  2. Comment in-character to other people's headers. With what? Depends on your CR! Maybe they're a good person and really should keep on keeping on, maybe literally everyone can see they need to suck it up and confess already, maybe they'll change their wicked ways if just one extra person casts aspersions on their pompadour. Bring in examples if you want, as with any helpful critique. Be as creative as you like!
  3. Other characters will comment to yours, no doubt overflowing with well-meaning advice on how to be the best person they can be. Your character is free to respond. Excuse you, maybe despair is still in fashion??
  4. A probably unnecessary reminder, but just remember, this is not a place for OOC crit! There are other, more appropriate channels for that.
  5. Yeah, Gmail's greylist is still causing some DW email notifications to lag like hell, and there's no ETA on when it won't. It sucks. Here are quick links to the Dreamwidth inbox and recent posted comments page if you want them.
  6. Have fun! This is mandatory.